Why we changed our model to online learning.

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The I.H.M. has a long history of traditional college teaching. With 6 Training centres in its past, it was a difficult decision to embrace the new technology and move away from a fixed campus model.

Discussions between faculty members has always been training focused, and because of this, we have had an eye on better methods to impart knowledge and balance this with the realities of costs. Times have changed over the years and homoeopathy has suffered a major strike against it due to the bad publicity, and even worse training offered under the name of Homoeopathic Medicine.

Mature students.

The new 8 month training course, is aimed squarely at the individual who has perhaps been through the 4 year part time training course offered by one of the schools out there, and is in practice right now. Or even the medical professional who has had to self learn the practice.

Polony & Weaver Revised T.P.B.

The sort of practitioner we are looking for is someone who is honest with him or herself and knows that they are not confident in prescribing, and this due to an eclectic education. Someone who is sure of the power of homoeopathy as a medical therapy, but unable to have much more than a 30% success rate in the clinic. A person who wants to be be at least as successful as prescribers from the 19th century whom had an 80% clinic success rate by following Hahnemanns directions.

2014 Training Seminar in Zaragoza

This is not a course for faint hearted persons. This is a course that will rectify errors and omissions made during your initial training.

  • This is a course that will solidify your knowledge of what homoeopathy is and what it is not.
  • How to approach a case of sickness.
  • How to ascertain the disease through expressed pathological and morbid symptoms.
  • How to find the prescribing symptoms.
  • How to read the Materia Medica without interpretation.,
  • How to find absolute prescribing symptoms.
  • How to find concomitant symptoms.
  • How to isolate different diseases in one person and treat them.
  • How to work with infecting agents (miasms).
  • How to work with results of infection and progressive diseases. (miasmatic diseases).

Mexico teaching Seminar

The I.H.M. is working towards re establishing the methodology and rational thinking of Hahnemann in treating disease in the modern day practice. Utilising his methods, practitioners have seen their clinic success rise as they follow the very clear and precise directions as laid down in the Organon of medicine. We do not teach interpretation. We train people in Hahnemannian Medicine.

Study anywhere, any time.

The I.H.M. in moving to the online model, has balanced the course to be convenient for the student. We train worldwide and as such, have given much thought to the flexibility required to juggle jobs and circumstances. The adminstrators and staff of the I.H.M. all take an active role as tutors in the program, and are available to the students to support and direct them to the appropriate information and help by personal tuition. Although the course is an 8 months modular arrangement, we do not mind if the student takes a longer time to complete each module. The pace is determined by the students ability to learn and be comfortable with the subject matter.

Feel free to write us at education@instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.com> with any questions and further information regarding the course.

The training will be in English and Spanish. The OpenRep SYNOPSIS computer program has the P&W Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book in English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. It also has the Original 1846 edition in German. The program operating language can be switched to one of the above too.


18 practitioner training Course Mallorca

Completion of the course will not confer practitioner status. That is subject to the laws and regulations of your respective country. It will however have provided you with the information and tools to be a better practitioner and free of the false information taught in the name of homoeopathy.

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