I.H.M. Updates and the Spanish Segment of the Course.


ESPANOL: https://pandwespanol.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/3075/

As of October the 1st 2015.

The blog for the Institute can be found at:  https://instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.wordpress.com

The I.H.M. founded in 1986, continues its mandate of Research and teaching of Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Medicine from original resources.

All communications for the P&W computer repertory program are now handled via info@homeopathyonline.org

Sales enquiries will be forwarded to your local agent. You can discuss with them personally  and receive any discounts that are available.

Officers of the I.H.M. are:


We have had to close our representation and presence in Mexico.

Dr Guillermo Zamora is no longer associated with I.H.M. International and the I.H.M. Mexico company  licence has been rescinded.  Please direct all correspondence regarding the P&W computer program to info@homeopathyonline.org where we will be pleased to assist you with your queries.

Once we have established a new agent in Mexico, we will place details on our Website.

Due to the closure and removal of the Mexican branch, we have found ourselves without Spanish tutors who are trained sufficiently in the methodology to help us present the modules in the Spanish language. We therefore have to cancel the Spanish course until we are in a position to offer full tutor help in Espanol.

If anyone is offered a place on a course in Spanish with links to the I.H.M. please check with us to see if it is a validated or affiliated teaching program we offer.

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