Viewed through proving: the not-so-serene Chamomilla

By Vera Resnick

As practitioners reading this blog will confirm, we often learn the most valuable lessons from our patients.

A patient mentioned to me that recently she found herself irritable and snappy, and didn’t quite know why. It turned out that since she stopped drinking coffee on a previous homeopath’s instructions, she had been drinking large amounts of chamomile tea.

Just take a look at the mental/emotional symptoms chamomile can induce in a healthy person. And then think about all those angry irritable people you know who constantly drink chamomile tea to enhance serenity, (often alongside militant support of issues of conscience – see 490 below!). And yes, my patient stopped the chamomile tea and returned to an easier state of mind.

Here are a few of the relevant mental/emotional symptoms from the proving.

471. Suspicion that he may have been insulted.
475. Sulky moroseness; everything others do is displeasing to him; no one does anything to please him.
476. He vexes himself inwardly about every trifle.
477. He is always morose and disposed to crossness.
478. Crossness about everything, with tightness of the chest.
479. He cannot stand being talked to or interrupted in his conversation…
482. Irritated disposition.
483. Sullen, disposed to quarrel (aft. 12 h,).
484. The disposition is inclined to anger, quarrelsomeness and disputation (aft. 2 h.).
485. Quarrelsome crossness; she seeks for everything vexatious (aft. 3 h.)
490. (She has scruples of conscience about everything.)
493. Fixed ideas (later).

Hahnemann at his pithy best has some choice comments in the introduction for those recommending large material doses of chamomile without giving thought to the injury it can cause (I have added bold for emphasis):

But let us suppose the impossible case, that camomile is curative in a tenth of all known diseases, must it not, if employed as hitherto, in almost all cases of disease without distinction, do harm in the other nine tenths? Is it wise to purchase a single benefit by a ninefold injury?

“What! injury?” retorts the ordinary practitioner;” I never saw any injury from camomile.”

Yes, as long as you are ignorant of the morbid symptoms and ailments that camomile as a powerful medicine is capable of developing per se and in a peculiar manner in the healthy human body, you cannot recognize the ailments due to its employment in diseases, as the injurious effects of camomile; and in your ignorance you often attribute them to the course of the disease itself, to the malignity of the disease, and thus you deceive yourself and the poor tortured patient.

NOTE: (It would be sufficiently stupid if one should purchase all the tickets of a class lottery in order to obtain the several prizes in it, without considering that he thereby incurs a palpable loss of ten per cent. But what could possibly be more foolish than, supposing there was a lottery which obviously brought a loss of nine whilst he could only win one? And yet the ordinary practitioner who employs camomile in every case is far more foolish; he does a much greater proportion of injury only with this difference, that the injury does not touch himself, but only his wretched patient.)

Look in this mirror, look at the following camomile symptoms, and when you are practising your ordinary slipshod treatment with unlimited simultaneous employment of camomile, behold the serious hurtful symptoms and ailments caused by camomile, consider how much discomfort and torture you inflict on your patients by the abuse of this powerful plant in unsuitable cases and in excessive doses.

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