Know Thyself…

know thyselfby Vera Resnick

When you go to a homoeopath – be prepared. Your homoeopath will know more about you after the session than your doctor, your spouse, your mother, your siblings, your children and your online support groups combined.

You came for a headache? Apart from hearing your entire headache and general situation without interrupting you, we’ll ask you:

When did it start?
– Did anything physical or emotional trigger it?
– Is it worse at any time of day?
– Is it worse looking up or sideways without moving your head?
– Is it worse turning your head or looking downwards?
– Is it worse in cold air, open air, warm rooms, winter, summer?
– Is it better when you drink? Drink what?

We’ll ask you:

– Do you have any symptoms together with the headache?
– Has your emotional state changed? Do you find yourself wanting company more, or just wanting to be alone? Have you become more irritable, more placid, more quarrelsome, or more absent-minded?
– What has changed together with the headache? Have you developed sudden cravings for sweets and cakes? Or more strangely, have you gone off them? Do you find yourself wanting steak for breakfast? Eggs in the middle of the night? Have you gone off coffee?
– Have any new symptoms come on at the same time as the headaches started? Joint issues, stomach problems, concentration issues…

We’ll ask you:
– Are you better in the open air?
– Does it help to exercise?
– Does study make it worse?
– Does the noise of people talking make it worse?
– Does movement make it better?

Why do we ask so many questions? Because homoeopathy uses different strokes for different folks, different remedies for different situations.

One patient’s headache is much worse when they look upwards. Another is much better outdoors. Another is worse for being out in the cold and having people talking loudly next to him. In conventional medicine, these people will mostly take the same two or three medicines. In homoeopathy each of these patients will receive a different remedy, related to the different nature and physiology in each individual which brings their particular symptom picture to the fore. For conventional doctors, these modalities, qualifiers of the main headache symptom, are usually fairly negligible. For homoeopaths they are the gold dust of our prescriptions.

And you – the patient – are required to provide the gold dust. Which brings me back to the first line of this article.

If you have a symptom which either is not responding to conventional treatment, or which you want to treat with homoeopathy, start stalking yourself. Become your own Sherlock Holmes. Creep up on yourself. Learn the many expressions of your complaint. Note any changes in your habits and food preferences. Ask your nearest and dearest if you’ve changed in any way. And be very patient with their answers – this does not constitute grounds for divorce…it is a medical investigation….

Know thyself – and then present thyself to thine homoeopath!

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