Quick Acute onset.

Got a couple of phone calls last night from mothers with children issues. Both were resolved.

The one case of interest was from a mother who always had difficulty in treating her son once a fever developed. She called with the following symptoms that he expressed.


The tongue is red on the tip and around the edges. He has a white coating on the back of the surface of the tongue.

Le duele la garganta, la tiene roja, la faringe con los foliculos rojos en la pared posterior. The pharynx is red and the throat is sore.

There is no noticable change in his disposition, His face is slightly pale and a slight warmth to the touch of his skin. I asked her to look at his eyes. She said that they looked normal.. We talked a little more, then I asked her to look again at his eyes. She said they now looked brillantes, bright and shiny, more than normal.

I prescribed Belladonna 30c in water as she had that in the house. She gave one dose and then put the boy in the shower. After the shower she gave another dose and he went straight to sleep. His temperature was 37.5.

She said he awoke at 3 am and wanted to sleep in her bed. There was no fever and he was a lot better…

These acutes that come on suddenly and for no reason can be treated quickly and successfully if all the basic signs are observed. Pulsatilla came up in the repertorising,  but I know that Puls does not have in general the redness of the tongue tip or sides. Note too that the absence of a change in the mental state does not preclude an accurate prescription to be made. Take only symptoms that have changed.

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