The power of our medicines. Lycopodium.


lycopodium_clavatumThe following experience with overdosing of Lycopodium, are narrated here for the purpose of seeing the effect of the substance on the economy, even in tiny doses.

Lycopodium was prescribed for a physical problem in the potency of LM 0/1. It was taken once a day for 4 days. In the event, it proved to be 3 doses too many.

From the patient:

“ I am currently in a change of life phase, with many things going on in and around me, and it can get a little stressful at times. The reality is that for the last 3 years, I have been facing a huge change in my life with friends, circumstances and location.

In taking the Lycopodium, an impact was felt on the problem prescribed for. Instead of waiting for the dose to complete its action I repeated the medicine 3 more times.

auccayvms1xgl-9v2ly9zgThe first and strongest symptom that appeared, was an absolute PHYSICAL anxiety in the epigastric fossa (scrobiculus Cordis). It gnawed away day and night. Like everything was wrong and I could not get relief from it.

I became irritable and snappy with everyone. An anger would just spring up in my mind and a hot flush of irritation would spew out of my mouth. I found tears in my eyes for no reason and incredible sadness. I began to distrust people with whom I had made plans to do things in the future with. My mind closed into a small room of thoughts bouncing around the thought of having made a big mistake in life and that no one really liked me for me and what I thought was a reality was really yet another cruel trick played and that my reality was loneliness forever and yet another step in the wrong direction of life.

Physically, I developed a rash in both axillae. I am prone to these for which bathing and drying and a little talcum powder clears up in 2 days. These have persisted for a week now with no sign of abating.

The mental symptoms reduced after 2 days and each day get better. Im still not sure if plans made will continue but the intensity of the feeling is much less.  I have yet to establish the reality of decisions made a while or so ago and if the status quo remains the same because of the crazy notion that everything changes when people have to deal with lifes other challenges. There was a huge loss of self respect and worth at the height of the proving. Suicidal almost.”

Symptoms in LYCOPODIUM proving. Hahnemann Chronic diseases.

he feels unhappy

Melancholy, in the evening.- Melancholy ill-humor, sad thoughts.

He weeps and cries, at first, about the past, then about the coming evils.- Great oppression in the scrobiculus cordis from vexation.-

Great anxiety, as it were, in the scrobiculus cordis,

Extremely distrustful and suspicious.- Despairing and inconsolable.

He has trouble to conceal his internal obstinacy and vexation.- Excessive excitement and apprehension.- He smiles without being merry, capricious. Obstinate, self-willed, refractory, passionate, angry.- Very violent and irritable.- Violent mood.

Cannot bear the least contradiction, and at once gets beside herself for vexation.- Angry fury, partly against himself, and partly against others.- Easily excited to vexation and anger.- He quarrels in mind with absent persons.-

Strangely enough, there is not much regarding the rash in axillae. I am presuming it is an aggravation of a recurring symptom rather than a proving symptom and and as such was used in conjuction with other symptoms to move on to the next indicated medicine.

Lycopodium is a very powerful medicine. Be sure to use it carefully and sparingly. Hahnemann states its effects can last up to 50 days on a single dose.


Lycopodium powder is also sometimes used as a lubricating dust on skin-contacting  goods, such as condoms and medical gloves.




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  1. Dr.Somenath Mukherjee

    I agree with you , same experience I see in one patient who used to take NUX VOM 30 for hyper-acidity every morning .

    On 1/22/16, The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine

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