When a prescription does not work…

135-49433-cutebaby-1376348651It happened to us in the clinic the other day. 3 moderately competent homoeopaths. A 1.5 year old baby girl presented with Fever.

High fever, burning, no perspiration and thirstlessness…  I prescribed, Pulsatilla. Nothing changed. The next day, the parents took to the hospital for a check, and nothing found except fever. Manuel then prescribed Phos on the symptoms that had slowly added to the picture. Nothing…He then prescribed Sulphur, nothing.

He called me and on the slightly newer picture, I prescribed Arsenicum Album..Nothing.

I looked at the case again, and with the new symptoms, I wanted to give Mercurius. In the meantime, the father of the child, and the mother of the child and the baby sitter all came down with the same fever, but with the added SX of aching in the joints and a couple of other things. We noticed then that the baby made a whimpering noise when moving the arms or legs…Manuel prescribed Rhus Tox on the collective SX of what now appears to be an epidemic of this ailment, and now the baby is better.

That evening, I was called by a family member in England with her child having the same type of symptoms. I saw mercurius in her case, and even knowing that the general epidemic was RHUS TOX, I gave mercurius. The baby was better in 5 hours.

What can we learn from this case? When SX are in transition, there is but a small window to give the correct remedy. The Pulsatilla failed because the baby did not get the medicine for at least an hour after prescribing, and already the disease process had changed internally. The Phos and the Sulphur failed because again, the full SX had not been observed in the child.

In looking at hundreds of case histories from the archives of the masters, we can see this pattern time and time again. The State of the acute disease will only respond to the correct remedy at the correct time. Many times we have partial SXs and the remedy given is incorrect for that reason. Be prepared to chase the SXs until a remedy works.

So why did the mercurius work in the same illness in the UK? I think perhaps because I caught it in the right state for Mercurius…. A while later it would have been Rhus Tox.


One response to “When a prescription does not work…

  1. institutodemedicinahomoeopatica

    In the healing of an acute illness, several factors bring into play:

    1.-The susceptibility of the host.
    2. The kind of miasma.
    3. If the miasma was completely coded in previous events or only partially (due to overuse of antibiotics) by the patient’s immune system.
    4. The intensity of the reaction Miasmatic.
    5. Obstacles to prescription (combined allopathic medication, Vaccinations, combined alternative therapies, malnutrition, etc.)

    In the number 4 it´s where the similarity comes in a remedy that can attenuate and dissipate the disease “in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way”. The time that homeopathy can shorten the manifestation period in a case depends on other factors. One can observe changes in the set of symptoms even after 10 minutes from the first prescription has been made, which will require a more appropriate remedy in a second chance. In any case, due to the nature of acute diseases, healing will take place progressively while the immune system limits the miasma. The only thing that homeopaths can do is shorten the time of manifestation (miasmatic disease) and decrease the morbi-mortality rate, by allowing better conditions for the miasma be neutralized. However, an abrupt withdrawal of the symptoms would mean an incorrect prescription, just as an improvement absence would mean the same (as for similarity and time as well…IF obstacles are not present).

    I suggest you to read: https://pandwisrael.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/remedy-outcomes-and-case-management/


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