Failure of the week. Or is it a lesson reinforced?

I was presented with an acute skin problem from an existing patient. Last year we had managed to remove eczema successfully, and now came forward with an outbreak of Hives.k1

The problem was reported to be a repeat of a childhood issue from age 9, after eating shellfish. Over the years the patient had de sensitised from shellfish and was able to eat without effect now.

In taking the case, it was established that the patient was a little anxious about a forthcoming business trip, had become thirsty, had hot respiration, was worse on getting up in the morning and worse after sunset.


The eruptions looked like blisters or mosquito bites, very itchy and on her arms legs and torso.More on the upper body. Later the itching spread to the palms but without an eruption. They moved to the face as well.


The repertorisation came down to 4 medicines of which one was selected on the symptoms presented. The itching got worse. To cut a long story short, we went through all four of the medicines with only aggravations being observed. The patient went for an acupuncture treatment which just made her more itchy and restless.

In the end, Anti-histamine was prescribed to combat the itching. It contained the outbreak.

The next day, we rechecked the symptoms. on the information received, we still would have given the same remedies.

So what happened? I postulated that perhaps it was a return to the original skin issue and that it would have cleared up on its own in a few days. I postulated that the complete picture had not yet formed to prescribe for.

I have noticed over the years that some acute phases do not actively give pain relief immediately. In these cases, I have resorted to giving one aspirin or paracetomol or ibufopren and that medication has worked IMMEDIATELY and effectively. In this skin condition, the anti-histamine worked immediately.

My unproven conclusion is that in some cases, the homoeopathic medicines are working with the immune system on a deep level to fix the problem, but is not doing anything regarding the painful elimination of the chemicals on the skin surface. Yes, the remedies are powerful enough to fix the problem, but a painless passage to cure is not always possible.

Just a thought.


One response to “Failure of the week. Or is it a lesson reinforced?

  1. what is puzzling about this is the word “immediately”. oral aspirin, paracetammol or antihistamine do not act immediately as common experience shows. so the medicine is acting dynamically, by a kind of suggestion, or like homeopathic remedies which do sometimes act immediately. my guess is the drug antidotes the previously acting homeopathic treatment.

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