p01grh0xM.B. , a good servant, in the early days of war, but a nuisance to the other servants, because disease was, with her, an obsession, and her one discourse was of hospitals and symptoms.

She was in hospital several times-twice for operations, and she haunted the out-patient department long after she left our service.

Admitted again in 1931 with what was diagnosed as aortitis-and Wassermann was found to be positive.

Her miseries were at last explained. One would never have suspected the chronic parasite underlying all these years of ill health. She rapidly improved on Merc. cy. 10m and later 50m.

Two in-patient cases of chronic vomiting, Wassermann positive, about the same time, were promptly and greatly ameliorated by Merc. cy. in high potency.

We Homoeopaths, with Hahnemann’s chronic diseases at command, cannot afford to lightly dismiss cases from our consciousness as old chronics.

In the British Medical Journal, July, 1931, there was an interesting paragraph on Tertiary Syphilis of the Thyroid Gland, supposed to be a rare condition; but the suggestion is thrown out that many case fail to be recognized, so that the possibility of syphilis should be more considered in affections of this gland.

Medicinal treatment is urged, and curiously enough Merc. cy. is suggested (among other things) as giving the best results. 1

Some cases of goitre yield so easily to treatment-some seem so impossible!-in the latter, what about a Wassermann blood-test?

Besides Mercury, Nitric a. etc., we have a great remedy for syphilitic conditions in the virus of syphilis : Lueticum (“Syphilinum”).

One remembers, many years ago, a case of persistent vomiting, during the night only, where remedies that should have helped failed. But night aggravation is one of the leading indications for Syphilinum, which promptly stopped the vomiting.

It was about 20 years ago that we began to use Syphilinum, in our Eye Department for interstitial keratitis, with extraordinary results. And I have notes of a case,-an elderly woman, nearly blind since ophthalmia in childhood, with eyes horrible to look on, which cleared to an unbelievable extent with doses at long intervals of Syphilinum and Medorrhinum. The eyes are no longer so unsightly, and a large measure of sight has been restored.

Margaret Tyler

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