IHM Clinic Seville case. Herpes Zoster?

Patient, female, 10 years old presented with: Eruptions on body tentatively diagnosed as Herpes Zoster by hospital consultants.

homeopathy-2She has been infected for 3 or 4 days. Mother showed the onset of the problem which she thought was an insect bite. Was now 3 small red spots filled with dried blood on the right chest. Further eruptions had occurred on her right back and on her right arm.

3 clinic staff were present. Lilianne, Manuel and myself. We examined the patient and noted that the eruptions were vesicular in nature. They began as yellow spots. The skin was sensitive to a light touch. The patient had a slightly coated tongue. The patient complained that water did not just taste right but could not give a better explanation.

One other sx we uncovered was that she complained of a sensation that one of her head hairs felt like it was being pulled.

A full physical check was made and nothing else could be ascertained.

We repertorized on these SX:


The patients mother reported that the day after taking one dose of Phos 30c, that the eruptions had dried out and the patient felt much better…

The skin is now clear.

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