happy-woman-fotolia_12331389_subscription_xxlI received a phone call from a patient in the USA a couple of days ago. She is 12 weeks pregnant and suffering heavily with her seasonal allergies.

She related the following….

Just want to complain all the time
Feel uncomfortable in my body all the time
Farting all day and night
Congested worse at night
Wake up with tons of mucus
Violent sneezing, like I will head butt someone
Coughing when lying down
Eyes are very itchy, dry, red and swollen, esp at night, dry,
Feel better in nature and while walking
Worse with bright lights and technology
Worse after 4pm, very worse from 6-8pm
Better in the morning and in the sun
Insomnia because so congested and itchy
Wake up 5-6 times a night blowing my nose
Very irritable and dry
Don’t want to be touched, esp hot hands
I didnt even repertorize the case. I prescribed LYCOPODIUM 30c in water 4 doses.
Hi Gary, I have taken three doses so far and I have to tell you, I feel so fantastic. I finally have energy again! I wasn’t tired between 4-8 last night and even went out for a walk at 8pm, which never happens!!! I had a good 8 hour rest, only woke up 3 times to use bathroom (a miracle compared to 6-7 times) and slept a solid 4-hour stretch. I think the last time that happened was before I got pregnant. I was up at 6am and finally have the energy to clean my house. Wow. I can’t thank you enough!!!!!


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