Benefits of studying with the IHM. A personal reflection.


“……I first came across the IHM on the internet about 6 or 7 years ago. I was reading a homoeopathic web forum when I came across a few articles and case examples using the Boenninghausen therapeutic book for case analysis, yet always refering back to the Organon for each step of the process. I continued to read each article as they appeared. I have been in and around homoeopathic medicine for 20 some years. I studied Vithoulkas and worked with Andre Saines methodology for about 8 years. In all that time though, I never felt I had a ‘grasp’ on understanding the case or case management.

I also had a very painful disease state that had been on me for nearly 30 years for which no practitioner had been able to touch.

Contact was made with Gary Weaver regarding my health and I asked him if it would be possible to cure me. After listening to my symptoms he said yes. He also told me it would be a little painful at times and not be quick. He said that cure would be to the extent of whatever damage had been done but it would happen. He was right. It took 2.5 years. There were times it was very painful. In those moments, Gary told me to take some pain relievers and carry on. With his constant and reassuring presence at the end of a phone, I was able to work through each difficulty and occasional setback until I was free of my disease.

Towards the end of my treatment, I asked him a couple of questions regarding homoeopathy, and much to my delight, he pointed me to references in the Organon and Chronic diseases and explained what Hahnemann meant by his comments. I began to ask other questions and within 2 weeks I felt that I finally had begun to comprehend what homoeopathy is. Gary kindly set aside a couple of hours a week for me so we could discuss anything I needed to know.

Im an older man now, and my disease and the lack of good teaching sadly meant I missed out on a career in homoeopathic medicine as a professional. I wish I had met Gary 30 years before.

I learned more about homoeopathy in a few hours of chat with him, than in all of my studying and training. Gary ALWAYS references to the Organon and cross references with cases and other writings. There is a clarity in his approach to the practice that allows him to work through a problem in a linear methodology. He has a grasp of homoeopathic principles and an unswerving confidence in the law of similars that I have never seen before.

pawinside-viewIn the last 4 years, I have studied with the IHM and worked on many cases with Gary. One case in particular sticks in my mind. Gary had encouraged me to take on a few private acute diseases, and one was neighbours dog. This dog had a problem of sucking on his paws until they were sore. he would do it day and night. I had worked out a remedy for the dog and Gary listened to my explanation of why it was that remedy. He didnt say anything so I finally asked if it was correct. In a very brief 2 sentence explanation of his thinking, he recommended a remedy that was not in my repertorisation. I decided to try it.

After the first dose, the dog just looked stunned. It would look at his paws and that was it. It was strange to see this dog just looking at his paws without licking them.Over the following weeks, a brief return to the problem and the remedy was repeated. Now the dog is a happy normal dog with no anxiety issues at all.

The reason that this case sticks in my mind was just the way in which Gary had analysed the situation ‘as is’ and without interpretation. He just worked from the central symptoms and incorporated rubrics that described the reality. I think he use 3 rubrics. When I read the remedy, I saw exactly the state of symptoms that the dog exhibited. As stated, I have seen many cases worked on and the same logic is applied to each case. Occasionally a case fails to respond, and I have seen him re analyse the case to find where it went wrong… mostly he fixes it quickly. He is not swayed by names of diseases or knowledge of syndromes etc… he takes only the pertinent symptoms as displayed by the patient.

I must also add that Gary took my case on the phone. Just the symptoms.

I have had the pleasure of collating the P&W therapeutic Pocket Book into a print edition. When  I came across rubrics that I did not understand, Gary would explain them to me through the remedies contained in them. He said that when Vladimir Polony and himself were translating, their reference to accurate understanding was always through the remedies. A rubric was a generalised expression of the symptom, and the totality of rubrics particularised a symptom/state that a remedy contained for the disease state expressed and for a remedy that could produce the similar symptom.

I would highly recommend a week of learning with the IHM no matter what stage of your group_studycareer you are at. The clarity in which homoeopathy is presented will enhance your understanding and abilities 1000%. Gary and colleagues have no sense of self aggrandisement. They are more concerned with cases that do not respond and will retake the case until they understand it..they are interested in YOU as a practitioner and will bend over backwards to help you.”

Ed Nunnery.





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