Student comment regarding training course.

My name is Agata. I am from Poland.

poland-krakow-eros-bendato-sculpture       5-things-to-do-in-krakow

Recently visiting with Gary Weaver in Palma Mallorca for reason of learning casetaking. I am doctor of pediatrics in Poland and use homeopathy. In my visit, Gary had cough and sore throat and I watched it better get with homeopathy.

I have studied homeopathy since 6 years. In  short 3 days with him as colleague and friend, we related to homeopathy.

I learned more than all time spent in other studies. He showed me how to observe patient and how to find prescribing symptoms. Always he directed me to Organon and how to use common sense and ‘what is’ rather than speculation. He showed me symptoms appear where they come to and that prescribing symptoms are anywhere and do not need a hierarchy or mind component. He showed me method of giving LM medicines and how to evaluate results.

On my return to home this week. I gave remedy  for long problem case here. Gary did not tell me the remedy, he helped me work it in the repertory with right symptoms. It already is working since case came 1 year ago! He is kind man with my English and made sure I understood.

I will book for next year and hope to have friends come and study more. I have much to read and much to learn

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