Returning to Hahnneman

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manuelHomeopathy in the world today is in crisis. I am not referring to the lack of medical doctors and professionals who practice it, but by the senselessness in which it has become immersed.

Impurifications will divert every river from its original path, and this is a metaphor for what I believe has happened to homeopathy from its beginnings until today; with the passing of time homeopathy has been contaminated with multiple theories and notions beyond its control that have done it a great disservice.

I can argue that everything evolves in life and homeopathy should not be indifferent to this evolution and change. We agree on this point. However, when we talk about evolution, we speak of an evolution which makes sense, of evolution which occurs in a logical and coherent line from the principles that gave birth to it. We are not talking of a multilinear, random evolution of philosophical and psychological concepts which fall outside core homoeopathic doctrine.

I will not go into the possible contamination of homoeopathy perpetrated by Kent. This has already been discussed in these pages. I do however want to emphasize the two most serious contaminations that I see Homeopathy is suffering from today – the psychological and the spiritualist.

The psychological contamination of homoeopathy has come about partly from the influence of psychoanalysis and its ramifications, and the schools of homoeopathy built on these psychoanalytical misrepresentations, such as the South American schools of today.

The other serious deviation has come from spiritualist, typically new age currents which have infiltrated Homoeopathy and have led to such serious absurdities as sleep provings of remedies and other aberrations that I will not go into here. All of these practices have created a Homoeopathy which has been “disembodied” and removed from the reality of the patient, preferring to seek answers in the patient’s hidden pseudo-spiritual spaces.

I began working with homeopathy in the 80s and have been practicing since that time. Like many of my colleagues, I have noted that the practice of Homoeopathy has come more and more psycho-spiritual than medical. I do not mean to disparage the field of psychology. However, it should be given the place allocated to it by Hahnemann and Boenninghausen within the overall framework of the study of the patient, as can be seen by simply examining the Organon and Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura.

The teachers who taught me homoeopathy constantly repeated the importance of returning to Hahnemannian homoeopathy, of going back to the sources, but in their practice, nothing was further from reality. In my view, returning to Hahnemann and to the best of his disciples and thus returning to sanity and logical Hahnemannian thinking, is the only thing which can save homoeopathy from the abyss to which it is being led by some schools of thought and pseudo-homoeopathic practice.

From a completely objective point of view, Dr. Gary’s teaching presents a return to the purest of Hahnemman methodological study. Not only that, it also provides security in what we are doing, far removed from the insecurity in the field demonstrated by other so-called homoeopathic practices.

There is an extraordinary coherence and internal logic in the method proposed by Dr. Gary, who himself only picks up the thread of Hahnneman and Boenninghausen’s teachings and demonstrates their implementation.

And it is in this sense that one can speak of a real and true homeopathic evolution


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