Training course 8-12 August. (English only)

ptcWe are now booking for the 8th of August in Seville. This course will be in English. The Spanish courses continue in September.

We keep the classes small. From 1-5 people only. Medical and non medically qualified practitioners accepted.

The teaching is interactive but highly structured. It is based solely on the works of Samuel Hahnemann with many examples and case studies to show the methodology in practice.

You will enjoy the city of Seville for a vacation. What better way to learn and relax than this.

Fine foods, good restaurants, a beautiful city to explore. 



This is a good opportunity to learn Hahnemannian homoeopathy in a beautiful setting. The most important thing is that the teaching is from original sources and therefore not reliant on personal interpretation or deviations from Hahnemanns methodology. Given that Hahnemann was most successful in the practice, we see no reason to adopt lesser practices or opposing viewpoints in the therapy.

You will leave the course with a notebook full of information and with cited references for home study to continue your education. 

We look forward the next student intake.

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