Personality in Decision Case

Posted by Dr. Guillermo Zamora on September 6, 2014

On the other hand, if it is true that Hahnemann states in Organon (6th) that mental symptoms can be important in a case because these are often characteristic, the truth is that the characteristic symptoms may be from a location, a sensation, one embodiment, or combination of two or three of these elements of a symptom. Anyone who has read some of the cases of Hahnemann will realize that he was more cases of disease and not the patient’s personality.One of the common teachings of all kinds of current trends, is that during the taking of the case, the most important thing is that the patient’s personality is taken into account for purposes of identifying the homeopathic remedy based on the fallacy that the remedies have personalities identifiable, which once studied in depth the Materia Medica Pura, leads us to the conclusion that this is completely false.

Moreover, Hahnemann never referred for mental symptom of personality, but the change in the mood for the disease , ie, mental patient ‘s disposition to the disease. Aphorisms 210-213 (Organon 6th edition) make it very clear mentioned, but it is clear in the footnote to the Par.:210 where the teacher says, (Bold letters I have put myself)

“How often, for example, we find patients exhibiting a state of sweet and benign mood and who for years have been afflicted by disease of the most mortifying, to the point that the doctor feels moved to estimate and pitied the suffering! But if he can overpower the disease and heal the patient-what often happens in practice medical-very possibly you will see with astonishment and horror a fearsome change in their mood. You will witness their ingratitude, cruelty, refined malice and bias most shameful and degrading to humanity, which were precisely the qualities that the patient had before becoming ill. “

“Those who were patient when they were in health, often become obstinate, violent, hasty, or intolerant, capricious, impatient or distrustful to the sick ; who they were once pure and modest, often become lewd and shameless.Who had a clear mind is not uncommon to become intellectually obtuse, while a person timid mentality can become more prudent and sensible and a man slow to decide may acquire great presence of mind and quick resolution, etc. . “

This should lead us to understand that homeopathy does not cure personalities, and reaffirm what was said in the Par .: 6 taking into consideration ” only deviations based on the previous state of health leading to the now sick individual “, ie, all that has changed in the patient, including mood.

Boenninghausen in his younger written ” A Contribution to Concerning the Characteristic Value of Symptoms Judgment ” indicates that knowing the personality of the patient is necessary, but only for it to be considered as a benchmark to detect everything that differs from her during illness and deserves special attention .

Do not confuse individual personality traits with the symptoms of the disease. Only mental symptoms that are related to the disease may be important for the professional who takes a case, but as we said, only those that have been altered mental status from the patient had in the absence of disease. Boenninghausen again put clear when he mentions the following in his younger written ” The Medical Records “:

“… [Should not] astray by personal and individual traits. Since individual personality is often very different from the individual genius of the disease, and although the first can often cause a variation in the choice of remedy, anyway this selection must always be such that rests inside the sphere of action of the genius of the disease. “

It should then mention that a remedy is always in its pathogenesis various mental symptoms that develop in different contexts and that some of these experimental symptoms may even have matches with other remedies.Not the personality that should lead us to identify them but his genius (Organon VI Par.:130). Sometimes, the professional misguided by these teachings ranking, even mental symptom but personality, neglects data in the case might be more important, for example, a location over the “consistency hard ” tumor could be a better guide;sometimes a cancer that produces an ” ulcer surrounded by blisters ” or a cancer that produces an ” ulcer surrounded by blisters, with foul – smelling discharge ” (sometimes in the same case can change the remedy for the pure modification of the sign with respect to smell, for example, Lachesis to Rhus Tox ), or cancer where the patient is prone to ” wounds, bleeding profusely , ” can reduce the number of more remedies homeopathic during analysis and therefore give us a more hopeful outcome and blunt to the case, rather than be giving prominence to the erroneous teaching of nesting mental symptom.

From this angle, I dare say that anyone “master” who malinforma from the perspective of the personalities both taking the case to homeopathic provings, nor is homeopath nor Hahnemannian, but on the contrary, is nothing more than a disorienting gullible students, producing precursors and existing fans of amateur psychological quasi spiritual currents, which also have been dangerous to become real enemies of homeopathy as medical therapy.

With great sadness I say, that only a few homeopaths have the courage to face the lies of their “masters” and noted the discrepancy between these currents and true homeopathy through their research, dedication and attendance at seminars where they actually taught the scientific method of homeopathic practice. In Latin America they can be counted. Hopefully we can persevere and make us ever more. And you what do you expect?

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