August in Seville.


Much interest and correspondence for the English 5 day personal training course. Practitioners from Austria, the UK and Hong Kong. We recently completed training with colleagues from Poland.

We know that air fares fluctuate depending on the day of travel so we accommodate practitioners by having the start date mid week or at a weekend if we can facilitate. Also, if the colleagues are staying more than 7 days, we can give a one day break in the course to allow them to rest and assemble the information in their head….and then back to the study.

This 5 day course is the foundation for all homoeopathic learning. We believe that the therapy of homeoeopathy can be learned in one year if taught correctly. 4 months of that time would be devoted to practical case taking and analysis and practice and applying all the information that has been absorbed. 5 days of solid teaching will remove a lot of misconceptions and will give a firm and sold rationale for using Hahnemanns therapy with the doubt removed as to what to do.


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