A case of mind-body disorder

PK and I had a SKYPE conversation for an hour discussing his case.

He suffers from chronic lumbar pain of a cramping nature.

PK is Indian and raised in Britain. As a child his parents struggled to make a financial living with the burden of income falling to the mother. There was always anxiety in PK from childhood as he came to understand the value of money and the necessity of it. He worried about income. When he completed his A levels, the family immediately found him a job and he was forced to work and earn money. Within a few days he started having visual issues expressed as flickering in his eyes.

A few months later, PK broke his right ankle in a sporting accident and after operative procedures, it was left at a 20 degree offset.

PK calculates he has seen 50 specialists regarding his back and the consensus is that he has perhaps bulging discs. The pain spread for a while to his neck but has disappeared from that location.

2 years ago, he went to a physio who diagnosed him with mind body syndrome. He then put him on a treatment plan that included running and within a month all the back pain went! However it came back after a year and is still present.

In taking the case, I took each symptom and compiled it as a sensation, a location and a modality.

  • He said when he awoke, his mind was filled with negative thoughts, worried about money, worried about the future, this lasted about 4 hours until he started working….

  • He said his physical condition (the back pain) was aggravated by rising from a seat.

  • The back pain is cramps and spasms

  • There was a general disposition to catch colds easily.

  • He had difficulty sleeping. Mind always busy.

  • Sometimes he felt suicidal but seems to have lifted a little.

  • Felt 100% better for physical exertion.

I analysed the case to its bare essentials.

My rationale was that his anxiety also transferred to his body and was expressed in lumbar cramps. The amelioration was physical exertion both for the mind and the body.

I put in all the other symptoms just to show a comparison.. I usually just use the expression of the disease as above and carefully compare the remedies..

For me the determining factors were amelioration mentally and physically by exertion and the expression of anxiety in the body…

A careful reading led me to SEPIA as the initial remedy.

We will follow the progress.

4 responses to “A case of mind-body disorder

  1. Id like to know what potency, frequency and duration.

  2. For this patient, there is difficulty in getting LM potencies. I prescribed in 200c, one dose in water on thursdays and Monday with the rider that after ANY dose if there is aggravation they stop and contact me….

  3. Did you have notice about this patient?

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