A case of Traumatic Hemarthrosis

wequarMr H. met with a motor vehicle accident while returning home from his office. Somebody took him to the nearby hospital, and they after dressing the wound suggested him to consult an orthopedic surgeon in the city. While he was waiting outside the surgeon’s cabin, he called me and asked for any scope in Homeopathy. I asked him to let the surgeon examine first to rule out any fracture. After a few hours he called me again and said that the surgeon has ruled out fracture, but there is a huge collection of blood inside the joint that must be removed with a syringe, hence hospital admission needed. I said if there is huge collection of blood, and then let the surgeon do his job first, and then later I can give medicines (It is also risky to take motor vehicle accident cases). But he was not ready for joint aspiration, so took a discharge from the hospital against medical advice.

After one hour, they knocked my door. I told the bystander that what he did was not the right way. Even the bystanders told me the same, but they had no other option as he was strongly forcing to leave the hospital. When I examined the knee joined, it was swollen and stiff, and patella tap test was positive showing the presence of blood in the knee joint capsule. He had severe pain along with extravasation of blood. Still, he was not bothered about the nature of injury, and said goodbye to the surgeon. Considering the available indications, I gave him Arnica 1M in water, to be taken every 30 minutes interval, along with one bottle of Placebo pills. I was not fully confident in this case as the absorption of blood from the joint capsule is not easy. Next day morning he informed me much improvement of swelling, pain and stiffness of joint. So, I asked him to stop the drops and use only the pills.

Today he visited my clinic and found the patella tap test negative. Unfortunately, there was no MRI taken before and after the treatment. Even there is no option to get an evaluation from the orthopedic surgeon as he was discharged against medical advice (Still I asked him to get at least the hospital bill). Such cases become more valid when we have documented evidences. Anyway, I am happy to see homeopathic medicines avoiding a surgical procedure. The real credit goes to that patient who trusted Homeopathy than the Homeopath who treated him .This case also gives me confidence to accept such cases.

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India.


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