As the world turns


Picked up a couple of family members at the Station and went around to the house. I think when the family came in and I was there, the ‘patient’ knew something was amiss. We sat and talked and I explained the situation carefully and as thoroughly as I could. I laid out the options for treatment and I gave my recommendations and actions to take. We arranged to meet in my clinic in the morning to discuss the choice made.

Ive done this lots of times, talk to people I mean, telling them that their life expectancy is suspect or at worse, shortened within a recognised time frame. It was a little different this visit, looking at the face of a 30 year old adult that I recall as baby and then a toddler and then through the years. It always is a wrenching feeling to be the giver of bad news, and yet with this child/woman there was none of the quiet deep desperation I usually am swamped by, just an overwhelming feeling of love and care and gratitude for having her in my life no matter how long or short. This kid aint being let go so easily.

I see in the eyes, that acceptance was already setting in. The patient had not felt on top form for a while.

I was asked one question, “Are you sure?” the only question needed to move to the next step.

Never one to feel sorry for herself, always a practical person, and closest to me in temperament, the thoughts turned to the children and partner and what needed to be done for them. I left the family to discuss things.

Reflecting on life, there are many things that we do as teenagers that are downright stupid. Some have repercussions later in life, and I rather suspect that this is a contributory factor in this case.

Well- I hear no fat women singing and thus the fight is on. Im pretty good at my job~ now I have to become very amazing.

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