English teaching course…

So as the second to last day gets underway in the 5 day intensive, I already see changes in the thinking of the student practitioners as they see the realities of practice methods according to Hahnemanns directions, and how their certainty in the prescription grows when comparing to the Materia Medica.

As we go through cases, I see the changes in collecting the symptoms as expressed by the patient rather than chasing some nefarious mental personality trait…

P1060304Good to see. Plenty of snacks and beverages to keep them going. We push students hard in their training so they learn to reach out and work through problems from the resources we provide them with so they are never stuck for an answer.  Those resources are the Organon, Chronic Diseases and Materia Medicas.

Yesterday, I.H.M, staff member Vera Resnick connected through to us as presented for 1.5 hours, an insightful look at how to study a remedy with examples and direction. It was much appreciated and helpful.laptop2

Next week is a more advanced course with practitioners of long standing, again conducted in English. Anyone wanting to join us, it starts on Tuesday 9th of August… let us know, jump on a plane to Seville Spain and we will be ready for you…


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