Two things. One in particular.

A successful homoeopath relies on two things that enables him or her to be a good physician.

The first is knowledge of the principles and practice of Homoeopathy.

This implies the following:

  • A comprehensive study of the writings of Hahnemann.
  • Understanding of how the law of similar works.
  • Understanding what a proving is and how to elicit essential symptoms for prescribing from them.
  • How to take a case.
  • How to manage a case.

The second thing required to be a successful homoeopath is using good medicines.

This is the issue that is being addressed here in detail

The IHM uses and recommends LM or Q potencies in practice. Individually we have our own medicines for use.

A few months ago I requested a medicine to be made from a local pharmacy in the LM potency, and was shocked to receive the medicine in large globules. I asked if there had been a mistake. ‘No mistake’ I was told, this is how we prepare medicines for the patients in Spain. Needless to say, I requested a change to the poppy seed granules.

Further investigation uncovered other remedy manufacturing issues. For example, Hahnemann in aph 270 (Organon of the Chronic Diseases 6th edition) indicated:

 But if only one such globule be taken, of which 100 weigh one grain, and dynamize it with 100 drops of alcohol, the proportion of 1 to 50,000 and even greater will be had, for 500 such globules can hardly absorb one drop, for their saturation.

remedy-bottleThe medical container that the remedies are dispensed to the practitioner in Spain are usually of this size and contain about 200-270 poppy size globules. My experience with pharmacies all over world, is that in the main, they medicate the one bottle at a time with a drop. Too much!

It concerns me that this is happening. Our reliance on the medicines is all encompassing. We need to be sure that the medicines are made properly.

In discussions with the IHM colleagues, we set out to find a pharmacy that complied with the Hahnemannian directions. Eventually, a small but well equipped local facility was found and we went and had a discussion with the pharmacist. We discussed the preparation concerns, and he was extremely amenable to changing his methods after being shown from the Organon. Pharmacists usually religiously adhere to the pharmacopeia instructions plus local methods and do not have much knowledge of the Organon. We were shown his well equipped hermetically sealed prep room and I proceeded to show him the difference in medicating 500 poppy seeds as opposed to 200. He acknowledged that it took up to one hour to let the alcohol dry from a 200 seed infusion of one drop, and was surprised to see a 5 minute evaporation and dry time from the 500 hundred plus one drop infusion. One test I used to do to check if all the grains had been coated was to use a simple alcohol meter and see it register on one poppy seed.

We discussed where he purchased the medicating potencies from for starting the LM scale. Having been to both pharmacies and seeing the preparation work there, I was more than happy with the sources. Where a medicating liquid cannot be sourced, we will make our own.

The IHM and the pharmacy are working together to produce a “Boenninghausen” LM remedy kit of the remedies in the Therapeutic Pocket Book.  This will be available once we have satisfied ourselves with the manufacture (hand made) and the price. I have had opportunity to test one of the medicines (Arnica) due to a cracked rib and can attest to the efficacy of that medicine.

There is no point in making a good prescription for a medicine if the medicine is not prepared properly.

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  1. I will recommend this or print this Article and present it to Helios in Covent Garden London

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