A new IHM member.

JOSÉ LUIS RUIZ GURBINDO from Zaragoza attended the 5 day intensive course at the I.H.M. Office in Seville starting on the 27th October.

p1060446The teaching staff of Antonio and Manuel were there to translate and help Gary to present the Hahnemannian viewpoint of the therapy to students.

All the teaching staff were impressed with the abilities and knowledge demonstrated by Dr Gurbindo.

On the final day, we went to the homoeopathic pharmacy and saw howp1060447 production took place. After lunch, Antonio, Manuel and myself presented Jose with a membership diploma of the IHM. We only do this for people who apply Hahnemannian principles in their practice and demonstrate a good ability in case taking.

We will be placing him on the Register in due course.

Congratulations and welcome.





One response to “A new IHM member.

  1. Q¡Enhorabuena mi amigo, Congratulations my friend, José Luis!
    ¡Estoy orgulloso de ti! / I am proud of you!
    ¡Bienvenido al IHM! / Welcome to IHM!
    To see you soon!

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