And so it came to pass….

When I first came to give Seminars in Spain after returning from the USA in 2013, I recall telling homoeopaths  that the non homoeopathic Sensation method would infiltrate the homoeopathic colleges and cause issues. I was laughed at.

I also begged the Spanish homoeopaths to not have the remedies classed as medicines. Now, onerous regulations have been placed on the production of medicines, and remedies can only be dispensed from a pharmacy.

I was informed today, that all medical colleges in Spain have removed association with medical practitioners who practice homoeopathy and will not allow us to use their facilities for meetings or conferences any more.

Further, degree courses for homoeopathy have been removed from the Universities.

To date, according to my sources, only one medical doctor has applied to study homoeopathy in the Barcelona College system in 2016.

So now we have a Spanish homoeopathic system dominated by the Sensation method, hampered by excessive regulations and no future to speak of.

Among all these problems, the Spanish homoeopaths themselves seek to take what little power they can and are demanding that homoeopathy should only be practiced by medically qualified people. Do not the facts show that in 10 years there will be only a handful of drs practicing homoeopathy?

We have to face the facts. Homeoeopathy is indeed under attack from the big pharmacies and the medical associations. It has reached a point where patients in the west do not know what to believe anymore and are being forced into the singular mainstream drug therapies by peer pressure and the low costs of the insurance system for them. As they are not offered alternative treatments within the system, the extra financial burden of treatment by a homoeopath can be too much for an already stretched pocket.

We as a therapy need to deal with the internal problems of homoeopathy that exist.

#1. Firstly, since Kent the majority of Western homoeopaths have ceased to study Homoeopathy as defined by Hahnemann, and have viewed everything through a metaphysical filter.

#2. Homoeopathy is a medical speciality and as such needs to utilised along very specific lines for the benefit of the patient.

#3. Without the understanding of the Organon and Chronic Diseases, it is impossible to practice well and consistently.

#4. Modern methods of practice have moved homoeopathy into the realms of fantasy, metaphysical thinking and quasi psychological analysis.

When I read the comments from skeptics about our therapy, it is difficult for me to defend the position due to the problems of practice within our community. Starting with polypharmacy, essence prescribing, kineseology, prescribing on personality, radionics, dream provings, homoeopathic pharmacies making remedies for named diseases, etc etc.

In a recent discussion I had with 24 student homoeopaths, not one could define clearly how the principle of practice was to be applied, and only 3 had leafed through the Organon at some stage. A colleague was talking to a student who had told him that she was giving up studying the therapy. She was being taught the sensation method at her school. She stated that homoeopathy was too difficult and she could not grasp it. When informed that perhaps the method she was being taught might be at fault, she stated emphatically, “NO! I see that it can only be taught by gifted people, observers of the inner mans spirit, I cant do that”.

Sadly for her, she never got to see that the practice is a one of medicine and applying proven substances that fit the disease expression to aid the immune system to recover its equilibrium and restore the organism to health. She never got to see that personality, preferences and thought patterns are not to be treated. Homoeopathy ONLY treats morbid alterations in the health of a person be it mental or physical.

I object to having my career taken away from me by my ill trained colleagues who think they know know what homoeopathy is and practice without knowledge or adherence to the therapy’s guidelines. I object that students are not taught correctly, I object that we do not have medically minded people among us and that the vast majority of practitioners mix dissonant protocols and other therapies within the practice.

Mostly I object that we in the West have no defence against the commentary against us, and its our fault. Our so called spokesmen for the therapy in the public eye have sold out to the false teachings within the therapy and dont know that they dont know.

The Institute for Homoeopathic medicine here in Spain, teach directly from the Organon and the writings and knowledge of Hahnemann and his colleagues. We can outline the history and development of the therapy in detail, and have a teaching platform that can impart all that needs to known of the principles of practice of homoeopathy within a 12 month period. The students we have had the pleasure of teaching are all of a high calibre of practitioner and have gone on to be good practitioners in their respective countries. It requires a lot of self study on the part of the student to develop the skill set to be a good homoeopath. That determination plus effort is what the therapy requires on the part of practitioners.

To be known as a good practitioner is the reward. With consistent results in the clinic. To be able to make a good prescription via information given via email, via SKYPE or in a physical presence of the patient based solely on careful analysis of the patients symptoms solely, is a good thing.

I was contacted by a patient regarding his son whom was having issues of skin, respiratory and other complaints. After several weeks with some allopathic treatment and creams, the child was no better.


I received the information via a text message. A quick analysis of the case was made, and a prescription made. Some improvement was noted, and then a new symptom picture was reported. Based on this information, a remedy  was prescribed and in two days the problem was resolved. All I had were the photos and a description of the expression of the disease.  Skin eruptions, facial swelling, scalp itching, cough, sleeplessness, loose stools etc.

I received this photo two days later. A complete cure and the resolution of other issues not mentioned.


This is what my colleagues do consistently and repeatedly in line with Hahnemanns directions.  By adhering to the instructions laid down for the practice of the therapy, we remove all the supposition and guesswork from the equation. We have a framework to define our actions and thinking that was formulated over many years by Hahnemann. We know that when we fail we have a methodology to work with to get back on track.

So for the practitioners in Spain, for the medical homoeopaths, the allopaths have shown their antipathy towards the practice. They have excluded their colleagues from using any of the facilities. Perhaps its time for the homoeopaths to accept the true colours of allopathy and remove themselves from membership of an organisation that is out to destroy them.

The sad thing is that this is a re run of the 1900s when the medical associations did the same thing resulting in the demise of homoeopathy for many years.

We need to get our act together as a therapy instead of contributing to our deserved fate.

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