Here in Spain, It would appear that members of the administration committee including the president of the medical associations, do not like homoeopathy. They have passed an edict banning medically qualified homoeopaths from using the facilities in every town and city belonging to their members. NO more meetings, no more seminars…. no more anything to do with homoeopathy.

This single act of arrogance affects not only the doctors, but also the general public. In this regard, they are acting a lot like our American cousins in government, who know something is illegal but do it anyway. The wait until someone challenges them, waste a lot of money and then rescind the order down the line.

However in this case, the leadership IS accountable and not under governmental protection and in my singular view, should be removed from their positions because they have acted purposefully and selfishly in accord with their own prejudices. I hope the legal challenge that is coming will ask for reproof including dismissal from office.

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