February 2017 Gold standard training course. English and Spanish.


We are running two training courses in February.

SPANISH ONLY: Thursday Feb 9th to Monday Feb 13 inclusive.

ENGLISH ONLY: Thursday Feb 16th-Monday Feb 20th inclusive.

P1060304We will be conducting the training course at out North Seville Clinic in Sevilla Spain as normal. Flights are inexpensive this time of the year and we can recommend Hotels. Public transport makes getting around very easy.

These two courses are for practitioners who have at least 3 years experience. The course material is intensive and will comprehensively cover all relevant and necessary Hahnemannian instructions from the Organon and Chronic diseases in relation to understanding how to extract the information required for accurate case taking, analysis and prescribing. The I.H.M. is a research and training organisation that was established in 1986 to promote the practice of homoeopathy as a medical specialty as outlined by Hahnemann.

tpbpwWe will discuss Miasms, What is a symptom, how to extract prescribing symptoms, how to differentiate between personality and morbid symptoms, how to find the symptoms that are central to both the case and a remedy, which symptoms to ignore and which cannot be ignored. We will look at prescribing protocols, LM potencies, repetition of the medicine, when to stop and when to change. All of the above list will be linked to associated Hahnemannian texts. We will demonstrate the principles with over 25 case examples with full explanation. We will take you on a tour of a Homoeopathic pharmacy and explain in detail how remedies are made.

laptop2Each student can avail themselves of the following.

  1. A full 125 medicine LM Boenninghausen remedy kit at an unbelievable price.
  2. The SYNOPSIS computer program at an unbelievable price.
  3. The book version of the SYNOPSIS repertory in English at an unbelievable price.
  4. The ability to download many books in PDF from our vast libraryremedies

If any practitioner, in the opinion of the I.H.M. teaching staff, meets the criteria for membership of the I.H.M. Register during the course, they will be awarded the membership Diploma at the end of the 5 days teaching.

Please contact us for your placement at:  education@instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.com

We do not exceed 5 persons for each course.


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