Removing the effects of allopathic medicines.

We teach the fullness of Hahnemanns instructions in our specialist case taking seminars.

§ 76 Sixth Edition

Only for natural diseases has the beneficent Deity granted us, in homoeopathy, the means of affording relief; but those devastations and maimings of the human organism exteriorly and interiorly, effected by years, frequently, of the unsparing exercise of a false art, with its hurtful drugs and treatment, must be remedied by the vital force itself (appropriate aid being given for the eradication of any chronic miasm that may happen to be lurking in the background), if it has not already been too much weakened by such mischievous acts, and can devote several years to this huge operation undisturbed. A human healing art, for the restoration to the normal state of those innumerable abnormal conditions so often produced by the allopathic non-healing art, there is not and cannot be.

Too often the physician finds a patient before him that has been plyed with numerous drugs in the treatment of  their affection. How much can homoeopathy do in a situation like this?

stressed_tired_drHahnemann points out that in his experience, if the energy of the patient has not been completely depleted by drugs, it will be by the sole action of the immune system/Vital force that can restore health. Accessory help can be given by looking at the primary miasm/infection and helping to remove that, but primarily it is only the organism that can cure and this can take several years. Sometimes structural changes in the organism occur from the drug action, and the resultant action from the immune system to save life produce incurable or unchangeable situations.

For this reason Hahnemann asserts that Homoeopathy is only really useful in the treatment of NATURAL DISEASES and that these acute and chronic non miasmatic iatrogenic drug diseases are almost impossible to treat successfully.

I have sadly turned away several patients with drug induced disease states that did not respond to treatment on this basis.

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  1. Sir, I beg to differ. I am currently treating a patient of cancer who is under maintenance dose of chemotherapy. The commonest side effect is bone marrow depression. I am successful in increasing his wbc count. Since the chemo is not working beyond a point we have started cancer treatment now.

    • I dont think you understood the fullness of the Aphorism. I would suggest you read again and try and grasp what Hahnemann stated. Your comments do not negate his observations at all.

      • Actually I am trying to put another point. I understand what Dr. Hangman is suggesting. My point is that times have changed. Allopathy then and now are different. We tend to blame too much on the other system instead of finding solution to problem. While we can not change the system outside our scope, we can definitely try to upgrade ourselves. Dr. R. P. Patel has written a book on tautopathy which is potentisation of allopathic medicines. You might be interested in reading it.

      • I have read it.
        Hahnemann points out that if the vital energy is not completely overpowered or gradually deranged in such a way, changes are produced in the living body in order to preserve the organism from destruction by the drugs.

        Hahnemann calls the states of the body as non miasmatic chronic diseases of which even homeopathy is not sufficient and can only be rectified by the Vital Force itself.

        You state the drugs used today are different than in Hahnemanns time. they are actually stronger with more alkaloid developments and synthetic manufacture which produced the same if not worse outcomes for the patient. While it is true that we can help with some removal of symptoms, tautopathy is not a homoeopathic application of the therapy. It does not change the principal that it requires the Vital Force to rectify the situation when the body is under the effects of a drug action from long continued use. I have observed tautopathy work to a level and then stop.

        It does not change Hahnemanns observations in general. Homoeopathy works best on natural diseases.

      • I believe that we have spent many years critising Allopathy. No system is foolproof. But let’s agree that their newer advances are much more than ours. So instead of focusing shortening someone’s line I would rather want to I crease my line to grow bigger.
        I have never prescribed Allopathy in my 20 years of practice. I believe that the theory of suppression is being overplayed by us.

      • I dont understand your viewpoint. Antipathic treatment is diametrically opposed to the curative effect of the law of similars. Having practised in both camps, I have seen the problems from “suppressive” treatment first hand. Our observations differ. Better to learn the minutae of homoeopathy as it is your chosen therapy than give credence to antipathic treatment in any form. If you refer to the advances in diagnostics, then again in terms of homoeopathy it is merely a label for naming a disease and not overly useful in prescribing.
        best wishes.

      • Sir, pardon me for stretching the topic but antibiotic, thyroid hormone therapy, insulin discovery etc are gift to mankind by modern medicine and we can not dismiss​ it. They have been proven to save millions of lives. Again, I am a pure Homoeopath, never prescribed even paracetamol in my practice. If we can come up with something better than them then we have done something. We can not undermine their role in helping grow mankind.

      • Then why… why do you not prescribe them?

      • Well sir, If I am practicing in homeopathy I need to have

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