An acute fever and cough

I was awakened by a neighbour at 2:30 am who knew that medical practitioners lived in the back of the clinic. She was very concerned about her elderly father who was experiencing difficulties with a fever and a cough.

I also had another problem in as much as the woman who called me was Chinese and did not speak much Spanish or English.

In going into the sick room , I was confronted with an old Chinese male bent over coughing. Fortunately at this time, the womans young 10 year old son came into the room and he spoke both English and Spanish.

When faced with sickness, I always use my senses to collect information. The first thing I observed was that the room had a very musty smell to it.  As I approached the patient, it became clear that the patient was perspiring a little and that the odour was coming from him.

In talking to the woman through the son, she told me that her father had a fever for one day and it broke in the early evening. Then a short while later he began coughing and was bringing up a lot of gray mucus. The old man had requested her to make him green tea as he complained of a strong metallic taste with the cough.

We could not find out a reason for the fever so I looked at the symptoms before me.

  • The cough started AFTER the fever broke.
  • the expectoration was a grey mucous
  • a taste of metal
  • the offensive mold smell from his perspiration.

His daughter helped him to the bathroom and told me that his urine was extremely dark.

Based on these symptoms:

I gave Nux Vomica LM 0/1 in 3 doses every 20 minutes. By the third dose his cough had stopped and he fell peacefully asleep. In the morning he felt a little weak but was well on the mend.


5 responses to “An acute fever and cough

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  2. Hi
    At first i was very confused as to why the remedy was repeated 3 times in an hour? But i can see that according to the organon, aphorism 247, a remedy may be repeated even as often as 5 minutes but only in very accutest cases. So the old man’s symptoms had to be carefully selected and treated as the accutest symptoms.
    Please could you elaborate on what prompted you to repeat the remedy 3 times? Were there no signs of amelioration after the first dose or even second dose? If there were some signs of improvements after the first or second dose, would you have still repeated that dose?
    According to the aphorism 245, if there are signs of amelioration after first dose then every repetetion of even the same best remedy can prevent the cure whether accute or chronic.
    So what are we exactly looking for after the first dose?

    Much appreciated.

    • Hi Imran.
      3 doses within an hour is pretty quick. This was indeed a quite a severe case of an acute nature.
      It is a balance of experience and knowing remedies and symptom reaction that prompted me to do it this way…
      Some remedies need two doses to allow the primary and secondary actions of the substance to get to work.

      If a marked reaction had occurred within the first 15 minutes of me being present after the primary dose, I might have not given further doses.. it did not so I gave instructions to repeat twice more. I also left instructions that if he did not improve to call me again after the last dose and I would look at it again.. in the eventuality, everything turned out OK.

      Thanks for asking..


  3. Thanks for making it clear Gary. It certainly makes sense now to give two or three doses in very accute case like this one as some accute cases can be very intense and painful. Of course experiance also counts.

    Much appreciated

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