A strange case.. not really. 1/2

A teaching case.

If you know this remedy, the symptoms presented would immediately bring it to mind. The disease state as presented is CLASSIC in terms of the match for a remedy. If you do not know the remedy, this case will help you to see the symptom production of the provings.

We will present the answer and analysis tomorrow.

A lady patient talked to me on the phone from the USA and presented the following disease condition for prescribing.

At first, it was easy to hear her, but as the call went to the 15 minute mark, her voice became harder to hear and was becoming quieter and quieter.

She told me that for the past 6 months, she had suffered from a sore throat and extreme weariness and tiredness of the body. She said her knees felt heavy and weak, her hips also, in fact all her lower limbs were weak and tired. Her profession is a trainer for phone consultants for a technology company, and she had been off work for a couple of weeks due to voice issues. She said she would cough , some phlegm would come up and the tone of her voice would change, usually to a higher pitch, much weaker and empty sounding… sometimes she would be unable to talk at all.

Further enquiry produced the following symptoms. The coughing would induce the phlegm (green) to expectorate. She said the taste was like a spoon of sugar and not pleasant. Along with the cough , there would be a feeling of lassitude and weariness in her arms spreading across the upper chest with difficulty in breathing. She felt better not moving at all and deep breathing helped her to breathe more easily.

She stated that she needed to urinate more frequently at night, but did not really feel an urge, just the fullness of the bladder informed her of the need.

3 responses to “A strange case.. not really. 1/2

  1. Lot of remedies jump to mind, like Bryonia, Phos, Nit Ac. But lets wait…

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  3. I am just a beginner in learning homeopathy. I select the following rubrics:-

    Respiratory – Aphonia
    Respiratory – Pitch, raised
    Cough with expectoration
    Airways secretion, sweetish
    Agg from movement
    Amel from deep respiration

    Ans: Stann????

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