I.H.M. training courses 2018

The IHM will continue its popular 4 day training Seminars during June, July, August and October in Seville Spain. Dates are filling.

Languages: English and Spanish. (Check for Spanish availability dates.)

We tailor the course to the abilities of the student. Let us know your level of training and understanding. We will assess ourselves on the first day and adjust accordingly.

Our teaching is based solely on the writing and directives of Hahnemann culled from research of the IHM since 1986.

Main course tutor is Gary Weaver. D.O, Dhom med. Also  Manuel Guitierrez M.D., Antonio Gil Ortega. M.D. and Vera Resnick Dhom Med.

Course content:

  • The rationale of homoeopathic medicine.
  • The examination of the patient according to defined parameters of eliciting prescribing symptoms without the filter of Swedenborgian philosophy via Kent and all the variants of non Hahnemann practices as defined and taught by teachers today.
  • An in depth look at the Miasm theory in the light of infection and infectious disease models that are the accepted protocols in modern medicine.
  • Patient management utilising Hahnemannian directives for medicine administration and potency choice, frequency of dose, withdrawal of repetition of medicine on well indicated grounds, observation of medicinal action and when to change the medicine.
  • Use of LM or Q potencies.
  • Chronic and acute prescribing and when to finish prescribing.
  • In depth explanation and use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book. The T.P.B. was devised by Boenninghausen as a synthetic approach approximating Hahnemanns thoughts on case analysis so as to find a close similimum by extracting the correct proving symptoms that match the disease state.
  • A rubric by rubric explanation of meaning, so as to choose the right rubric in every case.
  • Lots of case examples and analysis by I.H.M. staff.
  • Tutor help in re examining some of the students intractable cases.
  1. The cost of the course is 1000 Euros payable in cash on the first day of attendance. If 2 or more participants attend together, we give a discount per person. Maximum participants per course is 6. Requirements: SYNOPSIS program. (For students will be €460  instead of €681) We like to keep  the numbers small so as to maximise attention on the individual.
  2. Our course runs Thursday to Sunday.
  3. We supply beverages and snacks during the day.

We can give advice regarding accommodation locally that places the student on a direct bus route to the clinic, and is also well placed for exploring the beautiful city of Seville.

Contact Gary directly at gary@garyweaver.org to book or ask questions.

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