Susceptibility, Is it important?

One of the most overlooked observations in homoeopathy is the relationship between infection and the ability to be infected. We colloquially refer to this as ‘the soil’ ie the susceptibility of the patient. Not every patient will get infected with a passing disease infection if their immunity prevents it.

Humanity tends to be susceptible to pandemic diseases given the fact that immunity has not built up due to the lack of exposure to similar diseases. However there is another factor involved, and that is the Miasmatic (single disease infection line).

It has been my observation, that a person with a family disease condition going back centuries or from a single infection, for example, tuberculosis, (very prevalent here in Spain from the last century) will contract disease infections that fit the tubercular picture. I have seen in patients a history of DIFFERENT disease expressions that have a root in the tubercular base.

In studying the Tubercular picture, What will be seen is many diseases that on the face of it have nothing to do with Tuberculosis, yet exist solely because of the weakness of the tubercular strain upon the system.

For example, a patient presents with ringworm. Remedies like Sepia often take care of it, yet for the resistant ringworm, or indeed the susceptibility to fungal infections, a few doses of Bacillinum will remove permanently. Not only that, I have seen patients with deep internal fungal infections resolve with Bacillinum. What does this tell us? Two things, Ringworm occurs solely on tubercular patients and secondly, the susceptibility is singularly tubercular.

So how does this work? There is the allopathic approach that kills the infection and the disease is cured, and yet homoeopathy separates the miasm (infection) with the resulting miasmatic disease (disease process).  Disease processes like Meningitis, Alopecia, types of toothache, eczema of eyelids and many more disorders are found in the tubercular picture.

It has been my experience, and now conviction that susceptibility is as important as infection. Lessen or cure the susceptibility, make the host resistant to infection and the cure takes place. Let the body deal with the dis-ease with the help of medicines that aid the immune system to facilitate the task.

I have seen this process work to such a degree that Bacillinum has cured Body Lice where external lotions have failed.

How do I use Bacillinum or the varietals of Tuberculinum? First, a close study of the different SX recorded in the provings to determine which remedy fits the picture, and then I usually give a single dose in water of 200c. I will repeat a week later and by then usually, some reaction is noted. In the case of ringworm, the reaction is quite quick. For fungal infections, it can take a few weeks to show. The fact that it cant be observed visually does not mean that it is not working… I usually repeat the remedy sporadically over a year to be sure.

I am now utilising the LM potencies to compare action and results. (GW. IHM July 2019)

Your comments are welcome.

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