August 2019. 4 day membership training course with the IHM.

Late notice.

For two or more persons attending, we will give one free SYNOPSIS software (windows).

Due to change in scheduling, the IHM 4 day membership course is operating in Seville Spain during August. Succesful homoeopaths will join the IHM register.

Course content:

  • Hahnemannian view on disease and case taking.
  • Case evaluation using Hahnemann’s protocols and the Boenninghausen repertory.
  • What is a symptom?
  • How to elicit prescribing symptoms (aphorism 153 from the collected case symptoms of aphorism 6)
  • What is a miasm and how to use if required.
  • LM or Q potency medicines, how to use and how to evaluate reactions.
  • Multiple case examples.
  • Many questioned answered from the Organon.
  • Case management.

Euro 1000.

Language: English.

We provide all refreshments and lunch

Huge discount on SYNOPSIS software. Windows only.

You pay accommodation, transportation and own amusement.

So contact us and we will facilitate the training for you. Individuals or groups.

Help Desk <>

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