Why homoeopathy is failing, and its our own fault.

This year, I have come to see that the problem in our therapy is a very simple one. People professing to be homoeopaths have not studied the principles and ethics as outlined by Samuel Hahnemann, Most have no idea of what homoeopathy is in reality. We are in the midst of false assumptions and wrong teachings on a scale never seen before.

To this end, The IHM will be presenting a series of posts outlining the most important requirements and unnegotiable standards to adhere to in order to be a successful practitioner. These are culled from Hahnemann’s own writings and therefore are not supposition or the IHMs thoughts and interpretation.

Coming soon to this blog.



3 responses to “Why homoeopathy is failing, and its our own fault.

  1. your observation and opinion is absolutely correct.
    though i am not a homeopath,[ so not an appropriate person to comment on statement of an authority like you] feel very sad n depressed; for this science not getting its deserved credentials; with what ever knowledge i have about it.

    may i register with your forum being from out side UK.
    dr t r dhingra
    67 yrs – allopath-individual in homeopathy research

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