The long night of darkness.


As a homoeopath, be you a medically qualified professional or not, Coronavirus is at present out of your hands. The allopathic grip on the situation is what it is, and if a person is taken to hospital with the flu, then treatment will be as mandated by the prevailing thoughts at the time. There will be no allowance for any other treatment.

There is a scramble for finding a prophylactic remedy to prevent the virus from taking hold, yet the symptoms of the virus appear to vary from country to country… and the criteria for sx assessment vary from homoeopath to homoeopath… and some are very suspect indeed. Worse than that, there is a scarcity of symptoms that a homoeopath needs for differentiation between remedies.

Recently I have treated about 21 cases of influenza, and  2 cases of pneumonia, both in my locale and in America, and based on the sx of the affected persons, I gave Phos to members of the families, and no one else contracted the flu. (All the patients recovered swiftly) In examining the coronavirus, (for my locale) I see that Phos might be suitable for use as a prophylactic, however, that is only based on what SX I can find from my colleagues in hospitals and the internet.

So my advice is to just keep watching and reading and listening for ‘real’ Sx and not broad generic ones, and then at that point we can help protect our patients.

Facts: 80% of people contracting the virus have it mild. As with any other virus, death occurs in individuals having serious pre-existing disorders, like cancer, diabetes, respiratory problems, heart issues etc. Even in the 20% that have it bad, less than 2% succumb.

2 responses to “The long night of darkness.

  1. The overall death rate, ranging over both those with underlying conditions and those without, is now 3.4%, but this is perhaps a statistical artifact because primarily serious cases have come to the attention of statisticians. Still, it suggests that this is much more lethal than the ordinary ‘flu which carries a death rate of 0.1%, which is 34 times lower! Diabetics have been found to have triple the normal death rate, or a 10% death rate. Imagine how high the death rate will prove to be among the very many patients who are severely immunosuppressed to accommodate a transplant! The ultimate implication is that if this disease becomes widespread and touches all these vulnerable groups, the total number of people killed will be massive.

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