Critical thinking

I have been putting off writing this blog post for a while. As soon as it felt like I understood the ‘ what and how’, the ground shifted and the perspective changed. If you are here to find the ‘answer’ to a prophylactic, you may be disappointed in the lack of a singular remedy, but this missive may help you to work one out where you are.

The viewpoint here is not the viewpoint of the I.H.M. collectively, but rather my observations on the whole scenario, politics and all.

Through research and communications, I’m convinced that COVID-19 is not a natural virus. Lately, the proof for this has started to arise. I’m of the opinion that it continues to be yet another man-made bio development, and perhaps weaponised for use in a conflict. Coronavirus is the infecting agent, but the use of laboratory altered S proteins to allow it to dive deep without resistance from the immune system is a whole new ball game. It is my contention that we are dealing with not one, but two infections, the second coming on if the host has been sufficiently weakened by the initial infection, and has underlying health issues that will succumb to a powerful respiratory disorder.

You the reader do not have to accept a single thing I opine. Time will allow the truth to surface and I’m happy to wait.

I do not know who developed the virus. The finger is pointing to a single person in the Virology lab in Wuhan who specialised in developing the virus after extracting from bats. She has now disappeared, presumed to be the original spreader of the disease. Strangely enough, the wet market accused of being the source from bats……. Did not sell bats.

Recently, the CCP publically blamed the USA for releasing the virus.

Two reasons for that. First, they know that the virus will be reverse engineered (it has) and that a laboratory influence will be found, and secondly, well China blames the USA for everything.  I have to say, for a statistically low death rate, the COVID-19 has shut the entire world down.

As for a large death percentage. Research shows that the actual mortality rate is @1%. You see, the higher figures quoted by sources do not contain the thousands who self isolate or do not go for testing. That means that all the figures are based on a false mathematical premise, but is useful to keep the public in a state of fear and mass toilet roll hoarding. Let us not forget the test only checks for coronavirus and not specifically COVD-19.. so in the amplification of the material, if you go to a specific rate, everyone will test positive.

People looking to the W.H.O. for honest answers will be disappointed.  With the contradictory advice given by them, and with the allegiance of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to his Communist roots, you might find that a high level of impartial information is missing. He is aiding in promoting China as the saviours of people from the Wuhan flu, where they hid the fact and have lied about the methods used to quell the virus. They said they stopped getting new cases fairly recently. Yet the reality is that they stopped testing. Now it is coming to light a lot of new cases in China.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation states that the answer lies in vaccinations for everyone to lead a normal life.

The good part of this infection is that 83 to 93% of people recover quickly, even though it can be painful.

The bad part is that if there are underlying health issues, it can kill.

I researched through the thousands of pieces of homoeopathic literature in my possession, reading all the relevant documents pertaining to endemics and pandemics that occurred in the past, and how homoeopathic physicians handled the situation medically, it was a fascinating and rewarding experience to do so. I came to see how the genus preventative remedy was found, and the rationale behind using it.

So. I did some independent research on the information available to me regarding symptoms of cases. I also read many homoeopaths thinking on the matter and found myself at odds with a lot of the choices. Why?

I think the answer lay in the evaluation of symptoms chosen.

You see, if COVID-19 is an artificial infection, it was necessary to distinguish what was the design of the infection, and therefore what was common to it.

The only symptoms to take into account, were the symptoms that were in the main infection. The secondary symptoms that led to influenza and pneumonia, were NOT common to the infection. They occurred after the immune system was drilled into by the HIV like S proteins, and affected weakened hosts, and therefore would require individual treatment. For a prophylactic, we concentrated on just the reaction to the infection.

3 remedies stood out. Bryonia, Arsenicum and Phosphorus. I spent days reading the remedies.

For me, in evaluation, I took only one aspect of the onset of influenza, and that was the fact that one remedy had a long-delayed start from infection, and that was Phosphorus.

I talked with my colleagues, one in Hong Kong, Guillermo Zamora in Mexico and Ed Nunnery in California. They all did independent research.

Guillermo and I have given over 250 prescriptions of the Phos, and thus far not a single infection has resulted. I had 4 cases of actual developed Virus and all four have recovered. Once a person develops secondary symptoms it will require individual prescribing, and in one case I had to give NUX VOMICA, and the patient responded well.

In the end, COVID-19 is a hybrid virus. I treat it as 2 infections. It’s a timed release for the second part. As 83-90% don’t get affected, I don’t take it into account.

Are we saying that PHOS is the prophylactic? We are saying so far it has warded off infection in 3 countries. If you have different prominent symptoms, you must take those into account.



3 responses to “Critical thinking

  1. Dr. Joseph kellerstein

    Thanks Gary

    So far I have only dealt with what looks like(unconfirmed by testing) 5 cases. 1 responded beautifully to Lycopodium(her chronic) the rest to Bryonia.


  2. helmuthmedinadhommed

    Dr. Gary weaver, Dr. Zamora.
    Since a month and a half, I have prescribed in Colombia about 40 persons Phosphorus 200 ch as a prophylactic tratament, these people are not present symptoms since they took the tratament. In other way, I have given other patients with respiratory pathologies (undiagnosed ) Arsenicum, Bryonia and a few others Antimonium Tartaricum who are healthy.

  3. Dr_V_Krishnaa murthy

    An open letter to Health professionals all over the world.
    From: Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy
    Chennai – 600 033, India
    Phone: 9789069362, 9884612450

    [From the time of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, until today the system of Homoeopathy medicine has been enveloped into clouds of mysterious obscurities. As a freelance medical journalist, the author is the only person trying to lift these clouds, showing the light to pave the way for correct understanding, teaching and practice of this science.]

    Corona victims, at advanced stages, have the following symptoms:

    Elders mostly affected
    Laxity of muscles
    Rapid emaciation
    Gradually increasing dyspnoea
    Pneumonia or endocarditis

    Among the 600 and odd homoeo medicines only one remedy viz., Ferrum-Metallilcum-1M

    To support this, relevant extracts from authentic homoeo reference books are given below:

    Ferrum metallicum :: PNEUMONIA [From the most indispensable work HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, page 874]
    # PNEUMONIA senilis; LAXITY of FIBRE; pulse soft and quick, or slow and easily compressible; DYSPNOEA slowly increasing; bloody expectoration; EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA, DYSPNOEA gradually increasing, no pressure under sternum; pale, stupid face; roof of mouth white; skin neither burning nor cold and damp; pulse never hard and full.

    Ferrum metallicum [From the HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MAT. MEDICA by Dr. Constantine Hering, M.D. (10 VOLUMES)]
    # RELAXATION and weakness of entire musculature with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from slight exertion.
    # Sudden EMACIATION; muscles LAX, limbs cold; weak digestion.

    Ferrum metallicum :: Debility, Asthenia [From Lilienthal, page 282]
    # Anaemic debility from faulty nutrition and assimilation; RELAXATION and weakness of entire muscular system with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from light exertion; pseudo PLETHORA, even tendency to get fat; fainting spells with subsequent weakness; falls asleep when sewing or studying, from weariness and debility; when falling asleep sweat breaks out, which awakens him and keeps him awake till morning; depression of spirits.

    Ferrum metallicum :: Paralysis [From Lilienthal, page 840]
    # After great loss of VITAL fluids, over sensitiveness to pain; LAXNESS and weakness of all muscles, with EMACIATION ( marasmus), dyspepsia and cold extremities; easily tired out by walking, amel. from moving and walking slowly about, but weariness forces him to lie down.

    Homoeo medicines are not given daily. Just one dose. We need not even give it orally. Just put one drop on the skin, the convenient place being the middle of the forearm, left or right side. Homoeopathy medicine acts by coming in contact with the skin and it is as good as taken orally.
    Let me repeat. If a patient has the three or more of the above symptoms (Relaxation of fibre, rapid emaciation, increasing dyspnoea and epidemic pneumonia) (whatever name one may call it, corona-covid or by any other name) one drop of the homoeo remedy Ferrum met-1M put o the middle of the forearm acts as a preventive for three months. In addition, the same one dose gives total relief (in just 24-48 hours) in the corona-affected persons.
    However, alas! The Indian govt. organization Ayush advises an irrelevant homoeo medicine viz., Arsenicum Alb-30 to be given, that too repeatedly. Moreover, one Sankaran suggests a different remedy viz., Camphor. Oh! My God! None of these two remedies has even one single symptom of corona victims. Wherefrom they got these two remedies? What is the justification? Homoeopathy should not be practised out of sheer imagination and according to one’s whims and fancies. Everything in homoeopathy is exact, accurate and clear. Precision and versatility is the culture of homoeopathy. It will brook no slackness.
    Homoeopathy has not become popular because of defective books as well as because of defective use of books. This was said by one giant homoeopath in his Lesser Writings.
    In most of the homoeopathy institutions, be it govt. Homoeo College or the Central Council of Homoeopathy I do not find a copy of the above said most valuable reference works i. e. Lilienthal, Hering’s 10 volumes, Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory or The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling in their libraries. Professors and Principals are not aware of these two books. Then, what is taught in the 5-year degree course or post-graduation courses? I interviewed many BHMS and MD Homoeopaths and they are in utter ignorance of Lilienthal and Knerr. God alone can save homoeopathy.
    Dr. Lilienthal, M.D. who lived in U.S.A., once practising allopathy and later converted himself to homoeopathy had been working in the following hospital:

    “Before the First World War, there were in the United States 56 purely homoeopathic general hospitals with 35 to 1,400 beds each, nine hospitals for women (inclusive of midwifery) with 30 to 100s bed each, besides nine children’s hospitals with purely homoeopathic treatment. The Hahnemann College in Philadelphia with hospitals attached and its extensive polyclinic was, in the year 1922, the most important homoeopathic educational institution in the world. Even in those days, its buildings were valued at several million dollars. For practical training, the Hahnemann College offered advantages, which were scarcely to be equalled at that time in any European University. The large number of cases in the hospitals and polyclinics (more than 50,000 patients and 6,000 accident cases were treated every year) afforded the professors abundant material for their clinical instruction. The college possessed a special institution for midwifery, directly attached to it, and allowing the students many opportunities for observing obstetrical cases. In addition, numerous confinements were attended to amongst the poor people in the town and these also served for instruction.” [See Richard Haehl, SAMUEL HAHNEMANN; HIS LIFE AND WORKS.]
    Can any govt. recognized homoeopathy college & hospital in India, or for that matter, anywhere all over the world can claim that they treating all cases, including emergencies with homoeopathy medicines alone?
    For the attention of overseas governments: The homoeopathy medicine “FERRUM-METALLICUM-1M [Dilution liquid”] is available in the following places. (1) Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH , Deutsche Homoeopathy Union, Schwabe International, Karlsruhe, Germany; (2) Dr. Madaus & Co., (3) Boericke & Tafel, 1011 Arch Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
    Every aspiring homoeopath should once in a fortnight the preface and introduction in The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling. Without Lilienthal, there can be no homoeopathy. Without Knerr’s Repertory and Hering’s Guiding Symptoms there can be no homoeopathy. Alas! 99% of homoeopathy doctors as well as homoeopathy teaching institutions and teachers do not have a copy of these wonderful books. Do you want a certificate for the indispensability of Lilienthal?
    Said Charles Gatchell in a review of HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS, “… it is an extraordinarily useful book and those who add it to their library will never feel regret…”
    In a review, Samuel A. Jones said about Lilienthal’s as under: “For the fresh graduate this book will be invaluable… to the older one who says he has no use of this book, we have nothing to say. He is a good one to avoid when well, and to dread when ill.”

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