Little steps and reminders.

A few days ago, a colleague of mine outlined a health issue with a young male family member. It was a difficult situation involving a stroke, various underlying problems that all would appear on the surface to be well suited to homoeopathic treatment. My colleague was lamenting the fact that he had to suffer in silence in not being in a position to treat the patient.

For those of us who have been in practice a while, we have become accustomed to this scenario. As young thrusting homoeopaths, we wanted to treat everyone and everything, and then we learned that many do not want what is offered. Even Family, especially family. We learn about free will and choice and stand back as people get sick and take strong suppressive medication and slowly get worse in the long term.

When we take on a patient, sometimes we see that life style changes are required. This involves telling the patient that they have to adopt new ways of doing things, and even a job change to get better. Not always going to go down well with the patient.

If we are not medically qualified, we always have to make sure that we treat diseases with the knowledge that our actions are going to be scrutinised heavily by the medical profession in the event of a fatality.

Many homoeopaths ‘choose’ to work with the patient seeing an allopath at the same time, and ‘manage’ the allopathic prescriptions given, letting the patient decide what they want to take and don’t want to take. A person consulting a homoeopath usually makes their own decision after reading the effects of prescribed medicine.

My professional life and successes has the phrase ‘spontaneous remission’ litter throughout. Annoying isn’t it..

Oh, my colleagues relative died. In the end we can only do what we can do.

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