Response to Paul Herscu regarding vaccines.

It is obvious that this person do not understand thoroughly the process of disease and health and that he has got pure mechanistic approach in the understanding of the human organism and his immune system which exists in modern scientific medicine.
Vaccination is a trigger factor that activates and force the organism to do something in a not natural way with consequences.
The way in which vaccination acts is the suppression of inflammation consequently having as a result more serious and deeper disturbances of the organism and that is the reason why person is protected of epidemic respiratory diseases.
Inflammation is “pushed” inside. A person is sick chronically. And this is characteristic of the health condition of modern society last few generations, explosion of chronic disease.

Herd immunity is on the play not because that people are healthier, but on the contrary, they are sicker, this is the reason of herd immunity, not because there are no more viruses around us, because viruses are in the air and they are most numerable organisms in our environment, but because we are not susceptible to catch them.

Dear Mr. Herscu, unfortunately, you do not understand the process of disease in which any organism who is in any chronic condition is not able to develop high fever which is the sign of healthy immune system unless he is in the last state of chronic condition very close to death.

I can clearly see that you are not in order when you said that you will take the vaccine in order to continue your job and to avoid a lawsuit. This is not moral and it is disgrace for classical Hanemanian homoeopathy.

Tatijana Nincevic

3 responses to “Response to Paul Herscu regarding vaccines.

  1. Bravo Tatiana, it feels so nice to see a woman standing up and rightfully responding to Paul Herscu.Bowing the head and suppressing the truth that vaccinations are poisons and create chronic diseases is not the solution.Dear Mr.Herscu, I have a book from you with forecover from dr.Vithoulkas.I am sure if he new that you are calling people to go and get vaccinated , would regret writing that forecover for your book.

  2. I was very surprised to see his response to vaccinations. I felt he did not support his publication.
    -a student of Vithoulkas

  3. I can see your point Tatiana and I am not the advocate of any type of vaccination. I am not also sure that the way how this vaccine acts can be defined as suppression but rather artificial stimulation which may trigger a chronic or acute complaints to develop in a sensitive person. Of course the type of a disease is dependent on predispositions of such person.
    But the reason I am writing is not this but the way how you attack Dr. Herscu. I do not agree with him but I think that in any discussion we should respect each other but what I see here (George do this for many years) is accusing people from being immoral, egoistic or a different type of personal attacking. These statements are usually made by persons who feel superior to others. Such comments do not belong to any serious and scientific discussion. So what I wanted to tell you is that this kind of accusing people is something that does not compromise only you but the homeopathy itself.
    Warm regards,
    Petr Zacharias

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