Further comment on vaccination…..using Vithoulkas levels of health concept.

We are publishing our colleague’s thoughts without endorsement or comment.


First of all, I would like to point out what Dr. Herscu represents and why he makes this argument in favour of the immunization campaign against the current pandemic. Remember, Paul Herscu is a naturopath. One day, perhaps, we should have a discussion about the impact naturopathy has had on the practice, theory, and the public perception of homeopathy and its political and regulatory implications in north America. Fortunately, naturopathy’s detrimental effect has so far being confined to this continent; Dr. Henny Heudens-Mast is also a naturopathic physician, but it has not prevented her from being one of our best classical practitioners and a brilliant teacher. In America, unfortunately this is not the case. Naturopathy has subsumed and largely corrupted not only homeopathy but all other disciplines it has captured in its regulatory grasp, such as acupuncture and herbalism, to name a few. Trained in all the major medical sciences and practicing largely as allopaths, NDs found a unique niche in the lucrative marketplace of America. They have been taught to be fluent in the lingo and passions of the holistic disciplines but are unable to grasp the latter’s theoretical foundations. Their only professional aim is to sell the drugs which they label as ‘natural’ to the public at large and their own patients. The profession has completely integrated itself into the neo-liberal capitalist environment. From their professional platform, they preach self-improvement and self-relance to the wealthy few and neglect the larger systemic and health-related issues that make us sick. In short, to the practitioners of homeopathy and acupuncture, the health systems that are not predicated on profiting from a product, naturopaths are not their comrades, putting it mildly. Therefore, no one should be surprized by Herscu’s articles.

So, I urge you to consider this before you respond to his vaccination glorifying paper because it is not written from the perspective of homeopathic theory. This is a piece penned for one single purpose: to promote his practice and his expanding ego, while simultaneously bidding for the NDs to be accepted as partners in the mammoth, exceptionally profitable American medical-industrial complex. (Note, in some of the states, NDs actually do practice as regular physicians).
A while ago, I, too, was wondering about him. Herscu had produced one of the best texts in homeopathic pediatrics, The Homeopathic Treatment of Children. Written in the style of Morrison’s Desktop Guide, only so much more extensive, it is one of our best textbooks and a reliable materia medica. But, remarkably, this is one single scholarship of excellence that he so far managed to produce in his 30 years of practice. What followed this valuable publication was not crafted in the same vein. He went down the rabbit hole of publishing questionable provings. He joined our infamous school of nonsense and created his very own theory of homeopathy, Cycles and Segments. Following this, he began producing exceptionally verbose texts on epidemics and currently presents himself as some sort of a widely accepted authority on the topic. He even quotes himself! I can’t imagine anyone being able to read his loquacious papers in their entirety. So, in the past, I often wondered, as to how he managed to write this great pediatrics book. Roger Morrison’s Desktop Guide is also a textbook par excellence, but it is constructed as an almost verbatim copy of his early lecture notes by George Vithoulkas. Straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, though without giving GV the credit. As far as I understand, Herscu never went to Greece to study. Another peculiar thing about The Homeopathic Treatment of Children is that not that many of the ‘pediatric constitutional types’ are actually there, a few of the important remedy pictures are sorely missing. Carcinosin, Mercurius, Calcaria phos, Calc sulph, Lachesis, and Hepar are a few to mention.

Dr. Tatijana Nincevic’s letter addresses one major thorn in the body of homeopathic theory and praxis. It is very important for our profession to have a coherent scholarly view on vaccination, and, I believe, we have already had it for many decades. However, there something else to consider in Nincevic’s letter here. Besides opening it by unreservedly and aggressively addressing Herscu as Mr.—which would probably assure neither he nor his followers are going to read her response—it does not exactly present a very persuasive argument. To begin with, it seems to me, Nincevic does not really understand Vithoulkas’ Continuum theory. This theory represents the essence of his Layers of Health praxis, and, in effect, is his highest achievement as a medical theoretician. It is simply brilliant. It is rooted in medical reality and supported by sciences. Nincevic, however, makes full use of Vithoulkas’s very old unsavoury vitalist ideas rather than utilizing the central tenets of the Continuum principles.
After a brief statement that immunization is a ‘mechanistic’ idea, she however doesn’t not follow this tendentious line of argument but dives deep into her own ‘mechanistic’ training at the allopathic medschool (which seems rather embedded into her own limbic system). A holistic understanding of the disease as a process and of an organism as an exceedingly complex dynamic entity are difficult subjects to gain mastery in and not that easy to operate in discourse. So we are now invited by the author into the second part of her argument, the one that is unsurprisingly wholly reductionist (pun intended). Even though Nincevic begins with this correct Hahnemannian precept, which infers a holistic understanding of the disease process:
“This phenomenon is based on the natural laws of onset and disappearance of disease, in which disease (inflammation) has its own course from the periphery (skin and mucous) to the center of an organism (internal organs).”
She then changes her course. Completely forgetting that she is supposed to defend her teacher‘s ideas from a vitalist perspective, she offers us a picture of a complex organism reduced to one single central nervous system organ—hypothalamus, all in caps. After making her rather incomplete and shambolic reductionist case that literally proves nothing, she veers back into the 1970s New-agey Vithoulkas vitalism presenting the reader with zero explanation (or understanding) of the terms she uses in her thoughtless pseudo-scientific statement:
“Everything happens on the subatomic complex of the human organism, energy.”
Huh? ‘Subatomic complex’? ‘Energy’? ‘Everything’? Seriously?
Yet another sudden conceptual swerve, and, voilà, who could have thunk it? we are invited into her religion: a disease as a sin, a ‘compromised conscience.’ Ouch. Stalin might have loved it.
“The basis of the disease lies in a compromised conscience, which cannot be found in any molecular structure of the brain. As disease is of a spiritual-dynamic nature, not material.”
But, but, what about the Limbic System? Is it spiritual or subatomic? Take you pick. OMG, is this the way to argue with the immunization diehards?

Currently, Vitalism is beginning to permeate the philosophical grounds of many practical sciences, such as anthropology, archeology, etc. Not the old vitalist idea of the organic matter being of a different substance entirely—this conceptual ghost has been dead for a very long time. Being purged and deconstructed of its religious notions, the old vitalist ideas of dynamic holism are being incorporated into the new materialism—in certain way similar to Marx rendering Hegel’s idealism palatable and workable.
The Continuum Theory of Disease states that all disease must be viewed as an inflammatory process. Vithoulkas proposes that a chronic state of inflammation is left over to linger in certain affected tissues when an acute infection is supressed and not allowed to proceed. Unless rooted out, this inflammation would persist in suspended animation and move from tissue to tissue and organ to organ, giving rise to various signs and symptoms. Pathologically and historically, this process creates the appearance of different disease entities ‘attacking’ the person. Vithoulkas tells us, however, it is all the same disease. Now, just because he calls it a vital something doesn’t mean it is some sort of a spiritual malady inflicted on us by the savage gods, an immorality of some sort. It is a singularly concrete physical process.
Furthermore, this corporeal pathological process exists at different levels of magnitude, at different organic and physical scales. On our scale, the inflammation appears as a ‘derangement’ of organs. Down a level of magnitude, it interferes with the functioning of this organism on the molecular level; we see this in blood or urine tests. Farther down the road, it affects our bodies at a subatomic level, impeding the flow of electrons and protons along their channels thus hampering the vital cellular quantum mechanical processes (the scale at which homeopathic drugs act). Are the quantum mechanical process ‘spiritual’? Immaterial? No, not at all! Electrons that our mitochondria manage are thoroughly concrete and physical. Stop all this New Age nonsense already, please! No one wants to take us seriously. We are delegitimizing our own beautiful science.

Now, I would like to see a scholarly homeopathic argument about the danger of immunization from this materialist perspective! But not by reducing the body to a single brain organ, however magical, rather by showing how immunization leads to establishing a state of subacute or chronic disease. Injected at the point where a virus is not expected by our immune system to enter, the viral proteins evade the upper-respiratory native immunity agents well-designed to handle a viral assault. The connective tissues of some individuals, whose bodies reside at a certain low Level of Health, somehow, are unable to quench this new inflammation. We should be able to show how this process develops. Yet another argument, of course, needs to be posed about the immunizations effect on the population as a whole. But there have been numerous such arguments raised inside and outside of the allopathic profession.

14 responses to “Further comment on vaccination…..using Vithoulkas levels of health concept.

  1. All I can say at the moment is, Brilliant response!

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  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    regardless human immune system, we should know that it does not rely only upon inflamatory proteins and cells, and that can not be seen only in levels of laboratory findings.
    What we can see through changes in hormones, cytokines, TNF, neurotrasmiters, neutrophiles etc. represent that organisam is in DISTURBANCES, but it is not disease per se.
    Prior to this changes we have changes in mental-emotional-spiritual part, in etheric, energetic part., whatever you call it.

    It is obvious from scientific medical branch, psychiatry.
    What do pschyatrist do?
    Try to convince patient to think positively, to eliminate fear from him.

    It is very well known that positive thoughts have benefit in human organism.
    This is confirmation that disease is not of material nature, but of energetic nature.
    You can try to help such persone with antidepresants, but at the same time you will have constantly tired person, draging (CFS). Energy is leaking.

    Vaccination, as well as viruses and all other microorganisms are triger factors in which hereditary predisposition is acctivated and organism produce symptoms to fight for.

    So symptoms such as caugh,fever, slight fear of of death, malaise, loss of apetite are produced by our immune system to fight against virus. If you treat with chemicals than after some time organism will not be able to produce high fever, and inflamation (pain) is transmited deeper, moved from mucus, from surface to central parts., producing dysfunctioning of internal organs for very long time before tissue structure is changed.

    We are complexed energetic system- proof EEG, ECG.
    Heart and brain are conected.

    Changes that precede are not based on the atomic and molecular structures, but on the energy levels, electromagnetic levels.

    Why I mentioned conscience, because it plays important role in health of individual, especialy in chronic diseases., it is not only matter of religious.
    All of us are aware that if we confesse something that we are relieved, that we feel better, that we can move on ahead.

    We can talk about health fom point of wiev of physics as well, where we have proces of dissintegration called entropy.

    I do not claim that only homeopathy can cure human, there are others therapeutic systems, but we should first know and understand what is cure and what is palliation.

    Vaccination is triger factor, if organism is very strong than fever would develop and process would resolve either with health or death.

    If not, chronic condition will be establish, automatically organism is not able to develop infectious disease. This is same disease.

    Infectious disease and chronic disease are continuum, and cure is eggzactly if you are able to bring this inflamation on the surface ( respiratory mucus or skin), treat it successfuly and CROSS this line in organism withouth antibiotics.

    I am sorry if I have ofended anyone, buth these are facts.


  4. I totally agree that homeopathy is science, and when I say spiritual I mean energetic,. Maybe we do not understand each other .
    There is dearagement of vital force, either hyper or hypoactivity.
    If we go further down, the smallest particles are not electrons but quarcks according quamtum physics (D.Tong).

    We can presume that as prof. Vithoulkas said that there must be changed in the spin of electron, consequently leaking of energy is started and organism is droped level down. (Levels of health)

    And all this is manifested with symptoms. Take all symptoms find correct remedy and vital force will be put in order again.

    As Einstain said, there is no matter, there is only intesity of field.

    It is very hard to transfer matter of disease and health in human words. I agree with prof. Vithoulkas that it is one continuum of the same proces-inflamation.
    When I was talking about limbic system if you have read thouroughly, I said that is a region for producing all range of positive and negative emotions, and actually I think that remedy acts precisely stimulating that physical area, this is how far can I go in physical structure.

    But I am not here to argue with anyone, just to say things from not only superficial intellects, but from my own private experience and experience from my patients.

    • Dear Dr. Tajiana,
      It’s actually funny, that after decades of criticizing GV’s embarrassing preposterous ideas about physics, I end up defending him. He needs to be defended because he wrote his books a very long time ago; the mistakes he made there can no longer be fixed, and should no longer be quoted. Yet, some homeopaths who have little idea about particle physics continue to use his name while repeating utter nonsense.

      “When I was talking about limbic system if you have read thouroughly, I said that is a region for producing all range of positive and negative emotions”
      Tajiana, I read your piece very thoroughly and a few times. Emotions are not spiritual, nor are they ‘energy.’ Energy is NOT the opposite of MATTER! It is how matter moves, what it does. And no, measuring our brainwaves does not proof that we are creatures of energy. BTW, GV and Hahnemann clearly state that disease does not start by affecting the mind; the brain is the very last organ to be affected by the pathological process, only when the Defense Mechanism (DM) completely fails to protect this last most vital organ. Disease begins at the periphery. With all due respect, you should start reading Hahnemann from scratch because you are clearly confused.

      “. . .I think that remedy acts precisely stimulating that physical area.”
      No, it doesn’t. A homeopathic drug affect the entire organism. You can call it the VF, I am fine with it, GV calls it DM—same thing. It has a systemic effect. What if you have a patient who only has physical problems and is completely healthy on emotional and mental levels? Why would a homeopathic drug have an affinity to a healthy organ that needs no adjustment, like that limbic systems of yours?

      “As Einstain said, there is no matter, there is only intesity of field.”
      Einstein is turning over in his grave reading this. Are you familiar with the special and general theory of relativity? I don’t think so. So pls people, please, stop using this quote that GV made eons ago. Not only it is totally wrong—it has absolutely no relevance to homeopathy! Our drugs are made out of MATERIAL WATER. Water, yes. Water consist of physical units, you know? Its structure is astoundingly complex, but it is not a field!! Actually, do you even know what a field is? A field is not spiritual, it is material. Energy is not a spirit—it is matter. Energy (and there are so many different types we use in physics) is an ATTRIBUTE of matter. It is a mathematical abstraction that enables us to build machines and calculate engines. The concept of energy was created during the industrial revolution to enable engineers to built steam engines (Gibbs Free Energy). Energy equals Work performed. So energy is not actually a really real thing. It’s a mathematical thermodynamic conception, very useful one. Homeopathic drugs are not energy. Disease is not energy. When we talk like that, everyone laughs at us. We cannot function as a respectable profession when we spew this nonsense every day.

      “It is very hard to transfer matter of disease and health in human words. I agree with prof. Vithoulkas that it is one continuum of the same proces-inflamation.
      I think you did not really understand the Continuum paper.

      “We can presume that as prof. Vithoulkas said that there must be changed in the spin of electron. . .”
      Poor GV never said anything about this ‘change of the spin of electrons.’ It was another colleague of ours who published (using his name and platform) this absolutely bonkers idea. I have written a thorough response to this pseudo-scientific highly embarrassing paper as soon as it came out. I will see if I can publish it here. Dear Tajiana, don’t you think one should clearly define the concepts they use while articulating ideas? Why don’t you try to define the ‘electron spin’ before you use this thing to support your argument? Spin is surely something ‘immaterial,’ as all measurements are. It’s like your weight or our planet’s longitudes and latitudes. Are these spiritual or energetic? No. They are imaginary numbers that help people navigate.

      “It is very hard to transfer matter of disease and health in human words.”
      Try harder, it is actually quite easy to use human words when communicating. Make better use of the spellchecker.

      “If we go further down, the smallest particles are not electrons but quarcks according quamtum physics (D.Tong).”
      Is this supposed to state something? Like that there is no mater out there only the Spirit? Homeopathy is nothing else but, as out adversaries claim, a ‘which craft?’ Is it? Are we practicing witch craft? I don’t know who or what D.Tong is, but I know my physics—very well, actually. We have not discovered the smallest particles yet, there may never be the bottom. But why does that matter? Tajiana, I was not talking about electrons as being the smallest. I was talking about electrons and protons because our bodies USE THEM!!!! Furthermore, no matter how small the particle is—whether it is an electron or a quark—they are STILL PARTICLES OF MATTER! Quantum mechanical phenomena occur at the levels of magnitude when the PARTICLES OF MATTER are smaller than 10-9 We already know that at least some of the biological processes use quantum phenomena, such as photosynthesis. We already know that. It is only a matter of time when we would be able to show that our drugs—the highly diluted water solutions—act as semiconductors, precisely using the quantum phenomena.
      Helen Cohen

  5. While I agree with the spirit of this article, I think it might have been a more powerful presentation had the author refrained from launching a personal attack on Paul Herscu. I think, like most people, Paul may be doing his best with the background and perceptions he has acquired. Demonizing him by assuming his intentions stem mainly from self-interest serves no positive or useful purpose. Most successful people in any field of medicine tend to make a lot of money. In fact, most people measure their own and others’ “success” by the amount of money, and /or recognition, and/or goods they have acquired. This is still the trend. It’s no good pretending otherwise.
    We cannot see inside others’ hearts nor know their deepest motivations. Thus, it is unkind and unfair to conjecture.
    I too was rather surprised and more than a little horrified at Paul Herscu’s support for vaccinations. I wondered what could have possessed him to act/think this way. I too came up with several suppositions, many of them unkind. But, not actually “knowing” the answer, I opted to give him the benefit of a doubt. I think that route is not only the fairest, but also the healthiest one to take. Healthiest for me, for I am choosing not to feed my mind, my organism, with poisonous vibrations from unfounded and/or unproven musings. I hope you can do the same.

    • I apologize that my post went unsigned, I assumed my name would appear here, by Google has its own ways.
      Dear Agi,
      The critique, which you labelled a ‘personal attack,’ was addressed towards the naturopathic profession. I never write or talk about things that I don’t know. So this I do know very well. Moreover, I was trying to explain why Herscu chose this course in his professional life. As a member of the profession, I should be entitled to express my opinion about the work of another professional. I am not criticizing his haircut, style of dress, or his religion. I am talking about things that matter to all of us—our well-platformed colleagues’ publications. Like all other professionals and intellectuals, we should be able to critique each other’s work, this is how science advances itself. Ours is presently in the dumps. Personal attack is a logical fallacy when instead of criticizing a person’s ideas, we criticize their humanity. It was actually you, Agi, who uses ad hominem, not me, because you have called me unkind and offered a few other epithets. You did not mention a SINGLE IDEA I was expounding in my post!!! My very carefully thought out post! A critical analysis is never a conjecture. Your response, in fact, is a text book example of a logical fallacy, my friend. Furthermore, you compare yourself to me, stating you, yourself, came up with several ‘unkind suppositions,’ about Herscu by decided not to express them—implying you are a better person than I am. You probably are, but I am not competing here on moral grounds, I am expressing grave concerns about our profession deteriorating. Were your ‘unkind suppositions’ relevant to our profession? Don’t project your emotions on others—another fallacy. I don’t have any ‘suppositions,’ I am presenting facts. The facts that worry me.
      Another point. I am not ‘pretending’ it is presently ‘trendy’ to seek profit above all else. I know we live in these terrible times. But not all people chose this path in life, nonetheless.
      Helen Cohen

      • Dear Helen,

        When I was mentioning personal attacks, I was referring in great part to your statements “This is a piece penned for one single purpose: to promote his practice and his expanding ego…” and also “From their professional platform, they preach self-improvement and self-relance to the wealthy few and neglect the larger systemic and health-related issues that make us sick. In short, to the practitioners of homeopathy and acupuncture, the health systems that are not predicated on profiting from a product, naturopaths are not their comrades, putting it mildly.” which you then tied to: “Therefore, no one should be surprized by Herscu’s articles.”

        When I described my own trains of thought on the subject, I was not trying to compare myself to you (imply that I am a better person), I was merely laying out my own thought trends in relation to the subject matter.

        As far as “facts” are concerned, any facts we may describe are our own perceptions, based on our own upbringing, background, things we have read, seen, heard, experiences, influences. I am not saying I disagree with all your perceptions as you detailed them, I am just saying that we all have our own set of “realities” and “facts”. Thus, it may behoove us to practice a more gentle attitude, if possible, towards others’ perceptions. I can be very reactive – all too often. So when I pen these thoughts I think they are perhaps more a reminder to myself to be kinder and gentler, rather than a remonstration to others. They are just my thoughts and attempts to contribute to a more peaceful world. Please don’t take them personally.

        My world view and perceptions/beliefs are that Man is but a puny creature, saddled with a disproportionately massive ego. We all think we know a lot but, in essence, we “know” nothing. We live in a world of theories. Every research scientist knows this. All their theses (plural of thesis, for those wondering) and research are built on mere theories. The culmination of the sum of those theories in each of those theses and/or research projects then results in individual summations of the points researched and then compounded down into one grand theory. Which is why the FDA gets to remove lots and lots of drugs (containing “researched” and “tried and tested” drugs containing “active ingredients”) from the market every year, which end up harming instead of helping people. Because theories are not facts, and clusters of theories are not facts. We have no facts, we just (like to/need to) think we do. We have to, because the way our brains operate, we ego-ridden but essentially insecure humans need a “solid” base with “solid” answers to direct our existence from, or else we become disoriented, despondent and generally lacking in direction and motivation. In other words, without such a solid base, we would all wither and die. So, for lack of the actual existence of such a base of “verifiable” “facts” and truths”, and given our undeniable need for them, in self-defense, to address our need for survival, we invent and accept and cling to certain “facts” and/or “truths”. Our own individual “facts” and “truths” which, upon closer inspection, tend to vary fairly widely from one individual to another. Nevertheless these subjectively perceived “facts” and “truths” help keep us “grounded” and also from losing our minds in the contemplation of all that we don’t know. By our nature and the mechanics of our ever-so-busy minds we have an undeniable need to “know” stuff. And, since the mechanics of our Universe are far too complex for us to perceive to such an extent that we could actually understand and really “know” any of it, we must, inherently, invent some “facts” and “truths” to allow our minds and ourselves, some semblance of a place to rest, some semblance of a “solid” base, of “safety”. But, we can be pretty sure that, for now at least, we humans are doomed to not having the true feeling of what it means to actually “know” something to be true and factual.

        With warm regards (without irony),


  6. No, it was not personal attack.
    It was my opinion about vaccination.
    And for sure I know that everyone try to do best of themselves. It is innate for all of us.
    It was only discussion about vaccination.

  7. I was very angry when he said that in order to avoid lawsuit to continue with his work, he most probably will take the vaccine, and that is wrong path, because we all see where things go. Slowly, we are blackmailed and basic exsistance is in jeopardy.
    Losing freedom. and reducing human rights, .
    If I will not take the vaccine I can not work, or travell, or go in school , or whatever.
    This is very dangerous.

    My apologize to everyone if I have ofended, it was not my intetion.

    • Dear Tatijana,

      Further apologies for misspelling your name in my former post.
      I too was angry at Paul Herscu for selling out in fear of lawsuits, etc. So much so, that I soon stopped reading the rest of his post altogether. I was no longer interested in anything further from him on this subject.

      Yes, maintaining our rights to choice and speech are extremely important. But, when we truly follow that concept, we have to realize that Paul too has the right to those choices and he should be able to exercise them to the extent of his own abilities, no matter how others may disagree with him. Our choice lies in whether we choose to agree or not, or even to read on or not.

      One thing that occurred to me is that Paul actually wrote those long diatribes as a further stab at self-preservation. I’m not inside his head, so I don’t know, but it did occur to me as a possibility. And, we have to remember, that humans, like all animals, will act first and foremost instinctually to preserve the self. In the wake of that instinctual reaction come the rationalizations of why and wherefore to justify the behavior. It seems to me those are very hard to pierce because they are protective devices that are meant to keep the individual from feeling possible shame or regret for the chosen path of self-preservation. Blame will not pierce that shield. It is specifically made to withstand blame, be it self-blame or the blame of others. The mind is a tricky device. Most other animals don’t exhibit the need for shame or blame, it seems to be a solely human “attribute”.

      However, Paul, by owning up to his fear-driven motivations, actually afforded us more clarity for our own decision to follow or not in his footsteps. That is something already. Had he just outright supported the vaccinations, he might have made a stronger case for them and led more of his unsuspecting followers down that path.

      For many, especially those being constantly bombarded by the opinions/pronouncements of the media, this is going to be a very hard choice to make. For others, those who are completely brainwashed by such media assaults, it will be an easy transition. This whole brainwashing scheme is made much easier by silencing any opposing thoughts or opinions on the major social media and communication sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. This is the really scary part! It prevents dialog and the presentation of opposing opinions/thoughts/facts. I’m not sure how/when/if this can be overcome because the stage was built slowly, carefully and with quite a bit of genius. Most of the population has now been led to believe (and does believe) that this massive intrusion on our right to free speech and other freedoms is “for our own good”! And they have been programmed from childhood to accept and submit to things that are perceived to be “for our own good”.

      So, whatever Paul Herscu’s ideas/beliefs/opinions, I think he should (must!) be allowed to vent them, as we should be allowed to vent any opposing or agreeing opinions to them. Otherwise, we are playing the same game as those we are criticizing. Fighting fire with fire just makes more fire, more destruction.

      And to quote one of my favorite quotes (and I don’t even like most quotes): To be angry at or hate someone is like eating poison ourselves and hoping they die from it.

      In closing, we know that all these mental/emotional symptoms of imbalance – be they fear, anger, dismay, feelings for need of revenge, blame, self-righteousness, aggression, betrayal, etc…. whatever is not harmonious – are all homeopathic manifestations of deeper, systemic disturbances. Which is why we need to notice these reactions within too, not just in others.

  8. Dear Tatiana,
    I was not responding to your post. I was responding to “lunaticridge” who posted about 5 hours ago. My post response was just published after yours. I thought the system would automatically specify who I was responding to. Apparently not.
    Hence, the misunderstanding. My mistake and apologies.
    Best to you,

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  10. To everyone.
    I totaly agree that times are hard and understand everyone whose basic exsistance (food, roof and cloths) are in jeopardy by this silly and aggressive measures that political and scientific medicine are taking towards this pandemic caused by mild respiratory virus.
    And everyone of us battle with our conscioussnes according the knowledge that we know.
    It is very hard to stay healthy with aggressivness of our environmet, I know that from my patients.
    After all, immunity is abillity of an organism to cope with environment, peacefully.

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