Tatijana responds to vaccination viewpoint…

Dear Sir/Madam,

regardless human immune system, we should know that it does not rely only upon inflamatory proteins and cells, and that can not be seen only in levels of laboratory findings.
What we can see through changes in hormones, cytokines, TNF, neurotrasmiters, neutrophiles etc. represent that organisam is in DISTURBANCES, but it is not disease per se.
Prior to this changes we have changes in mental-emotional-spiritual part, in etheric, energetic part.

It is obvious from scientific medical branch, psychiatry.
What do pschyatrist do?
Try to convince patient to think positively, to eliminate fear from him.

It is very well known that positive thoughts have benefit in human organism.
This is confirmation that disease is not of material nature, but of energetic nature.
You can try to help such persone with antidepresants, but at the same time you will have constantly tired person, draging (CFS). Energy is leaking.

Vaccination, as well as viruses and all other microorganisms are triger factors in which hereditary predisposition is acctivated and organism produce symptoms to fight for.

So symptoms such as caugh,fever, slight fear of of death, malaise, loss of apetite are produced by our immune system to fight against virus. If you treat with chemicals than after some time organism will not be able to produce high fever, and inflamation (pain) is transmited deeper, moved from mucus, from surface to central parts., producing dysfunctioning of internal organs for very long time before tissue structure is changed.

We are complexed energetic system- proof EEG, ECG.
Heart and brain are conected.

Changes that precede are not based on the atomic and molecular structures, but on the energy levels, eggzactly on subatomic level of building blocks of an organism, electromagnetic levels.

Why I mentioned conscience, because it plays important role in health of individual, especialy in chronic diseases., it is not only matter of religious.
All of us are aware that if we confesse something that we are relieved, that we feel better, that we can move on ahead.

We can talk about health fom point of wiev of physics as well, where we have proces of dissintegration called entropy.

I do not claim that only homeopathy can cure human, there are others therapeutic systems, but we should first know and understand what is cure and what is palliation.

Vaccination is triger factor, if organism is very strong than fever would develop and process would resolve either with health or death.

If not, chronic condition will be establish, automatically organism is not able to develop infectious disease.

Infectious disease and chronic disease are continuum, and cure is eggzactly if you are able to bring this inflamation on the surface ( respiratory mucus or skin), treat it successfuly and CROSS this line in organism withouth antibiotics.

I am sorry if I have ofended anyone, buth these are facts.

One response to “Tatijana responds to vaccination viewpoint…

  1. Please try to correct the translation to English. There are many errors .

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