When and how (or if) to use the Covid nosode.

coronavirus-cdc-645x645-1For those of us who have potencised nosode of the actual coronavirus, the question arises whether to use it and even when.

More and more cases of long term non recovery of the infection are surfacing these days. Remedies for the particular and individual symptoms of the patient are isolated and given, yet I have to ask if a direct nosode will clear the path quickly.

I havent tested the nosode myself. I have reports from some time ago that it worked well. 

Remedies are always prescribed on a symptom match. In certain diseases, a nosode can be very helpful to match and clear the infection and or disease progress. I have the remedy in a 200c. Need to decide on a protocol if am going to give.

We will see. Your comments are welcome.

5 responses to “When and how (or if) to use the Covid nosode.

  1. celestinenicolas

    Twelve days after my first Pfizer vaccination I suddenly developed a Corona symptom which I consider quite severe as it involved shortness of breath. A homeopathic doctor (Classic) sent me a medication and after some fine-tuning, the breathlessness slowly ebbed away. That took about 3 weeks to take effect but I am supposed to continue for another month.

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  3. I wonder if admin has anything further to add regarding covid nosodes. My limited experience with these and isodes of the vax has not been encouraging. Just prescribing on totality seems better.

    • HI Richard.
      I have every nosode for every vaccine and a nosode made from the original disease itself. I was sent it by a colleague in Hong Kong to try. My limited experience with all of them has mixed results. Colleagues in Taiwan have reported a positive effect from the actual disease nosode, and my own treatments have shown a lessening of the sx, yet I always follow through with individual prescribing. I THINK the disease nosode is useful where the sx are all over the place and opens the case for individualizing.
      As for the vaccine nosodes, I cannot report much success except for one patient who spent a night sweating and fevered but woke to a complete absence of pain and sx.

  4. I’ve since had one experience with a vax nosode in a patient whose chronic tendency to palpitations got a lot worse after the jab. they’d settled somewhat when I saw her and gave one dose of the relevant nosode which stirred up the palpitations for three days then they settled. I like to think we chased the spike proteins out of the heart.

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