Foundational knowledge is required.

I am always surprised, if not heavily saddened, when a homoeopathic guru presents a ‘new’ idea. Generally, the presented novelty will have been investigated by Hahnemann and rejected and the reason or rationale for the rebuttal will have been stated. This appears to not deter the gurus, and even worse the profession takes it on board quickly and endorses it.


Because in the main, they have not read Hahnemann or understood the concept and practice method of Homoeopathy. It started in Hahnemann’s day when he criticised ‘the mongrel’ half homoeopaths who use the medicines but did not follow the principles or protocols of application.

jt kentA little later, a spiritual dimension was introduced by the Swedenborg church which sadly has diluted the understanding of Hahnemann’s writings, and superseded by a Kentian approach in case taking.The I.H.M. have taken the approach to teach the practice of homoeopathy from its inception through the past two centuries and examine the continued success due to the adherence to the original principles. Time and world health changes have NOT diluted the efficacy of the Hahnemannian approach or changed the remedy provings. The use of modern vaccines and medicines, I would argue, have complicated treatments and made it a touch more difficult, but has not altered the approach to effecting a cure.

With the Kentian/Swedenborg method,, an almost psychiatric approach has developed that involves the personality of the patient and this is taken as the lead symptoms in direct opposition to Hahnemann’s instructions for case taking. He emphasised looking at what has changed and not the existing personal choices or preferences of the patient.
The I.H.M. teach homoeopathy from the foundation of the therapy and the development through the 6 editions of the Organon. This approach allows the studen/practitioner to have a knowledge base for differentiation between any proposed new methodolgy for practice and what is correct.

The beauty and practical usage of Hahnemann’s method is the knowledge of WHAT is happening in treatment, knowledge of WHEN to re-dose, and knowledge of the TIME to change a remedy and what to look for which would indicate a change is needed.

There are so many Hannemannian directions and pointers that never see the light of day in this 21st century simply because most practitioners are not aware of the depths of Hahnemann’s writings because a lot of modern teachers consider them old fashioned and out of date, and their personal conceptual ideas are more relevant. Most teachers who base their practice on Kentian philoosphy, teach in opposition to the directives of Hahnemann.

We teach only Hahnemannian homoeopathy. Our students and practitioners have the ability to be guided by their training and get the answers directly from the books so as to be sure their approach or question is correct.

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3 responses to “Foundational knowledge is required.

  1. “This appears to not deter the gurus, and even worse the profession takes it on board quickly and endorses it. Why?”

    Because the only thing that really matters to us now is profit. And these ‘gurus’ make plenty of it. However, I don’t think it is right to blame Kent for this development. If one is willing to see nothing but ‘mental pictures’ in his MM it is their choice. We are a culture that is obsessed with the fake spirituality and the pseudo-science of psychology. But most importantly we do not have solid homeopathy education in N. America, we hardly have any. And this is not our fault, it is the fault of the medico-pharmaceutic industry that is choking us at every step. Most ppl I know who practice what they think is homeopathy have never read the Organon. Why? Because no one told them to. Kudos to you for trying to change that! If there is anything I can do to help, let me know, pls.

  2. Oh, and btw, the same thing happened to Marx, an almost Hahnemann’s contemporary. When he saw his son-in-law’s writing he said that he ‘was not a Marxist then.’ When a philosopher of their complexity and genius puts their ideas on paper, most ppl can’t comprehend the depth of it. But want to pretend they do. And they then teach it, or ‘develop’ it.

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