The strangest 10 weeks

So i presented with long covid symptoms. Taste, smell hearing loss, energy loss, breathing issues. could sleep lying down, etc etc. Symptoms got worse.

One night, I woke on the kitchen floor, severe pain in my body. I couldnt talk clearly… I called my sister and just said.. “ambulance”

Was taken to hospital with severe odema and heart failure. 97% occlusion. Had 11 litres of fluid removed. One more day and it was possible I could have died.

So.. after multiple exminations including physical tubes down throat and up arms…. i took a procedure which stopped my heart and then reset the frequency, which solved my problem. Now the heart is working at near full capacity. I am tired but every day the energy is returning.

Why did it happen? No cause found. However I suspect that long Covid triggered the weakness and entered me into this situation. I see that covid is able to set off problems, although not able to create disorders.

I had lots of time to reflect on medicine and homoeopathy and treatments. A lot of Hahnemanns words and statements were put under the microscope, and after deep consideration, I feel I came to understand clearly the differences between allopathic medicine, treatmens and curative action.

What is allopathic treatment? Well, nothing I underwent was anything other that emergency treatment. Heart not working, odema and subsequent respiratory distress. Trying to breathe through a lungful of fluid. Treatment… remove the fluid. Heart in wrong frequency system, treatment… reset to correct one.

I asked myself if this was Hahnemanns definition of allopathic medical treatment, and after reflecting, I saw that there was no other treatment that would have worked. It was pure physical extraction of fluid (via medication) and electric shock to reset the heart.

Would a homoeopath use the same avenues and medicines to solve the problem? I believe we would. Why not? The aim is to save the patients life first, and then AFTER, find the correct remedies to keep the patient in health.

Now I do have a boxful of medicines that they seem ‘necessary’ to work post procedure, and having gone through the list, i have deleted 2, and the others, I am taking on the basis of being only one week out of hospital and using temporarily. A blood thinner, a diurectic, a heart rythmn monitor, and occasional use of a beta blocker when blood pressure rises and causes a pain in the chest. The pain is getting less as also the rise in BP.

I dont have clear prescribing sx for remedies at this moment, but Im sure as my condition improves, I will see them for remedial help and allopathic medicine replacements.

I have a very clear idea of how to treat long covid. There is necessity to give something to remove covid from the body, and my experience and observation is to give chlorine dioxide in liquid fom in measured doses. Some countries have it administered via the goverment with measured success, although the results are not published in the mainstream press. I have colleagues who give it and report the benefits of homoeopathic medicines working and holding well and producing a curative effect. One of the problems with treting covid and long covid, is that remedies initially work, and then stop working. This approach removes the negative effect. Im very pleased with the result of giving chlorine dioxide to remove virus in the body.

More later.

One response to “The strangest 10 weeks

  1. What a terrible experience. I hope you recover well

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