A Question

This is to ascertain the thinking of health concerns in general. If a patient is diagnosed with cancer and has lesions or a tumour internally, is it a good idea to remove the tumour surgically and treat the patient, or is it better homoeopathically to just treat the patient without surgical involvement? This question is asked to balance the viewpoint of homoeopathic professionals on both sides of the question and not to ‘legislate’ or mandate a course of action.


One response to “A Question

  1. The tumor could grow without control and already damage other organs (brain for example), so a surgical intervention is appropriate. But, just to remove the tumor will not solve the root cause. In order to prevent recurrence it requires an adjustment of
    1) lifestyle
    2) diet
    3) energetic imbalances
    Doctor Wurster and Doctor Dario Spinedi have a lot of experience in this field. They both wrote insightful books about this topic.

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