About Us

The Institute for homoeopathic Medicine was formed in 1986 as a teaching organisation. It went on to found a number of colleges and educational programs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, USA and Spain.

The I.H.M. is committed to teaching Homoeopathy as defined by Samuel Hahnemann. After more than 30 years of research and experimentation, we are convinced of the methodology and efficacy of the treatment if it is given in accord to his directives. The results are able to be reproduced and in the same manner for patients requiring the indicated medicines from the provings.

We have not found a better way to treat a patient despite the plethora of ‘modern’ methods that lay claim to being ‘homoeopathic’ and practiced by a person calling themselves a ‘homoeopath’.

All of our Doctors and practitioners have undergone a training in the practice of homoeopathy from the writings and practice techniques of Samuel Hahnemann. This has involved a step by step study of what is required to ascertain the key pathological disease symptoms as exhibited by the patient and match them with the correct medicine to address the issue and correct the problem.

Every I.H.M. member has been thoroughly trained in the use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen for use as a guide for key symptoms for analysis in finding the correct medicine for prescribing. The concept of the T.P.B. is a synthetic approach to emulating Hahnemanns directions and requirements for symptom evaluation, and was the cornerstone for accurate and successful prescribing for over fifty years until it fell out of fashion in the USA for political and financial reasons and replaced by a much inferior repertory.

Currently the I.H.M. is promoting Seminars in Mexico and Europe teaching Hahnemannian perspectives and methodology using the Therapeutic Pocket Book of Boenninghausen.

IHM teaching centre and clinic seminar in January 2022.

The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine use the SYNOPSIS Computer repertory program as developed by Vladimir Polony and Gary Weaver in 2007.