Buy the P&W Book Repertory in English.

tpbpwThe English version of the P&W Boenninghausen 1846 first edition of the Therapeutic pocket book. Carefully translated into modern English whilst retaining the original meanings of the rubrics. Corrections and amendments made as verified from the original documents.  The layout is in a similar style to Allens for familiarity, but follows the protocol of Boenninghausen without adaption or alteration.  P&W have not merged or altered the rubrics in any way so as to allow the ranking of symptoms to remain firmly as Boenninghausen originally intended and for his rationale to work in analysing a case.

The book is available from

Drop an email and he will invoice you via PAYPAL for $85 plus delivery, usually about $10.

The book type is large and margins for notes. We have not included footnotes as this is a working copy for the busy practitioner. A separate tutorial book will follow in due course.