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What we teach. NEW modular online course for practitioners and advanced students.

social-distancing-and-self-care-happy-woman-teleconferencing-from-picture-id1225070980This is the course that we do online in Spain, Mexico and the U.K. The outline below will show what we deem important. It is aimed at the existing practitioner. By the quality of the practitioners results, I think  it demonstrates the very real benefits of Organon training, that makes homoeopathy a cohesive medical therapy if practiced according to principle and surety.

For those wanting to be practitioners, this method of training that was developed over 25 years is the most intensive, yet practical and EASY way to being a rounded practitioner.

The Advanced Professional Training Course will be in virtual classroom (online) in a modular arrangementFocused african businessman in headphones writing notes watching webinar of 3 hours a module, once a week, and will be focused on people who already practice homeopathy at the moment, and who want to make a change in their approach homeopathic by accepting that the teaching given to them does not allow them the clinical success that their patients need, that is, those homeopaths who wish to perfect the methodology of their practice according to Hahnemannian directives. (see also our 4 day course held in our HQ.)

There will be a total of 8 online sessions.

  • The following will be included in modules.
  • History of the repertory,
  • Development of homoeopathy.
  • Benefits of using the Homoeopathic model.
  • Homoeopathy and allopathy
  • Taking the Case.
  • Repertorization.
  • Prescription.
  • Case Follow-up.
  • Pure Materia Medica.
  • How to study a remedy to understand it.
  • Chronic Diseases; Hahnemanns conception of Miasms and what it means today.
  • Why Schusslers tissue salts and Bach or any flower essences are NOT homoeopathy.

There will be numerous case examples to demonstrate the subjects discussed. We will use a lot of powerpoint material to develop understanding of each salient point.

Completion of all the modules and homework, is a requirement of request to join the Register of the I.H.M. This will enable a licentiateship to be issued and publication of your clinic details.

  1. Each of the 8 modules at 3 hours a session,
  2. £125 a module.
  3. Prepaying the entire course will trigger a discount of 15% making the total cost £850.
  4. laptop250% discount on the SYNOPSIS computer repertory (Windows only at the moment) 50% discount on the book repertory.tpbpw

Please contact

IHM casetaking Seminars. What do we teach? 4 day seminars for joining the IHM Register.

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An I.H.M. case taking seminar is focused on two things.

#1 Examining the directives of Hahnemann

#2 Putting them into practice with the patient.

In the 21st century, Homoeopathy as a therapy has moved away from its scientifically rooted origins, and turned into a quasi-psychological/spiritual practice. The benefits of homoeopathy have been reduced by an incorrect application of the methodology in the clinic and thus a high success rate is negated.

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It is our experience that the key to a successful practice is the act of following Hahnemann’s directions precisely in ascertaining the symptoms of the disease, to match with the requisite substance that can produce a curative reaction. It is that simple and that difficult.

In the first tentative moments of using homoeopathy, for example Arnica for bruising, and being amazed at the results, most of us thought the application of applying a remedy for a condition was amazingly simple and truly effective, and as we applied other remedies for other acute conditions, our faith grew in the system.

Then when we entered medical school or an establishment for teaching, we found that the approach we started with suddenly became a little more difficult for chronic cases, and a Kentian overlay on Hahnemann’s directions, introduced a religious/philosophical element regarding life and viewpoints of disease.

The I.H.M. directors, beginning in 1986, with a background in Kentian homoeopathy, decided to devote time to research, and as such delved deep into the archives of history and collated the original teaching of Hahnemann, and weighed everything that is ‘accepted’ in our therapy against Hahnemanns own words and examples to see if we strayed off the path, or indeed if we missed some key points in practice.



The teachers at the I.H.M. are all are independent practitioners with their own practice and teaching faculties. Yet we all share the same core research and information distribution in individual ways.

We offer a four day special seminar aimed specifically at advanced students and practitioners. This seminar will examine the basis of case taking according to Hahnemann, and how to follow his methodology exactly, and in the process, removing all the incorrect additions that have been added over the years from practitioners of his time until today. Successful completion and undertnding of this program, can lead to being invited to join the IHM Register. This is an intensive course and utilizes the Therapeutic Pocket Book as its root repertory. For those who wish to purchase the SYNOPSIS computer repertory, we offer a huge discount to attendees. The book repertory can be purchasd for 50% off retail for seminar attendees also.



We will cover the following.

  • Rationale and reasoning on Aphorisms §5 and §6. Eliminating the common mistakes that lose the case understanding.
  • Utilising the instruction of §153 with the completed case taken with §6 directions.
  • What is a prescribing symptom?
  • What to ignore in a case taking and why.
  • Do we treat the man or the disease?
  • Examining the theory of Miasms in the light of modern disease knowledge, and how useful are miasms in prescribing?
  • How to obtain the necessary information accurately to formulate a prescription in the shortest time possible.
  • The importance of using only well proved remedies.
  • How to read a remedy.
  • Are there keynotes in a remedy?
  • Which repertory to use?
  • How to use a repertory properly.
  • Case management.
  • Potency and how to give a remedy.
  • Repetition of remedies.
  • And much more. Much more includes questions like, how important is Herings law of cure? Ive never seen it… How long can I keep a person on a remedy? Dry dosing vs water dosing.
  • We will be examining remedy action through cases, live and paper.

The minimum number of practitioners we will take is two. Maximum is 10. We like the Seminar to be completely interactive and as such the small numbers allow for personalised teaching.

The Seminars will be conducted in Eastbourne East Sussex at our Headquarters.

New IHM Register addition. Fiona Wright. Australia

Registered nurse. RN. Hackney, London. UK. 1980

Grd. Dip Homoeopathy.  Hahnemann Institute Sydney 1991

Professional member AHA and AROH

Clinic 7/141 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne, Sydney, NSW.  Australia 2047

Phone +61 0417405941


Skype fiona.wright.11


New Register member.

helmuthTrained with Dr Guillermo Zamora, and added knowledge of Hahnemannian techniques using the logic of boenninghausen to his skill set.


Further news on the international Register.

The board of the I.H.M, had some discussions over the last few days, and we made the decision to include medically qualified practitioners on the Register.

The Register is a list of HAHNEMANIAN practitioners who practice homoeopathy for the benefit of the patient using tried and tested and effective methods. The I.H.M. has always maintained that it is the training of the practitioner that matters and not whether they hold a medical degree, and to this end, see no reason to exclude anyone if they meet the criterion.

We already have received an application from James Tyler Kent. The application came from Germany so we suspect it may be fake. Not to mention we also have the I.P. address, the routing and the actual computer I.D. it was sent from. Using Firefox build 30, windows 7 and English language. Lovely part of Germany Kent lives in…

We will put the Register on-line in the next few days.. you are welcome to send in your preliminary application and we will be in touch..


The urgency for the Register

Recently, the the I.H.M. offices in Mexico was asked to publish an article by a European based homoeopath regarding the right to practice for non medically licenced homoeopaths. On the surface, it seems like an easy request to fulfill, especially as there is a move afoot for governments to infringe on every facet of our lives and take total control.

However, with deeper contemplation regarding the matter, and discussions between several members of the I.H.M. we will not be supporting this particular petition, and we will publically state why.

The I.H.M. has long held that the route to protecting the therapy of homoeopathy is through accurate training and utilisation of Hahnemanns instructions for casetaking and case management. To this end, we as an organisation have pursued a policy of teaching these methods via seminars and classrooms.

Homoeopathy per se, that is the true APPLICATION of the therapy, is all but dead in the Western world. It has been forsaken and replaced by false practices like the Sensation Method and prescribing by Elements, chemical groups and all sorts of other quasi spiritual/poor psychology prescribing techniques that do not help the patient along sound and proven methods of health restoration.

Yesterday, a colleague of mine in the USA related the story of a friend of his who required homoeopathic treatment for an ailment, and chose a practitioner close to their residence. The practitioner spent literally hours taking all sorts of notes, relating to the psyche of the person, how they viewed life etc, and eventually prescribed ‘Mountain lion milk’ based on some quasi psychological interpretation of words said by the patient. The sad thing is, that in the State in which he resides, this is the normal method of prescribing.

Now for honest hearted and genuine practitioners of homeopathy, this use of the doctrine of signatures and false interpretive prescribing, goes against the very core of the medical practice. Dream interpretation, central delusion theory, interpretation of recorded symptoms……….. it never ends.

Any individual is entitled to promote their own theories in whatever way they desire. Crazy, false, dangerous or not. It cannot exist or be promoted further without the SUPPORT OF ADHERENTS OR FOLLOWERS!

All of the falseness of these new ‘improved’ methodologies could have been stopped easily. However, the basic lack of knowledge and training given to homoeopaths over the years by teachers who learned from their teachers, and whom did not examine the sources……… has led to this terrible situation. Homoeopathy today in the main, does not represent Hahnemanns medical practice as defined.

We have deep sympathy for those practitioners who are not medically qualifed and who are finding the the bar is being set higher and higher in order to meet the Country ‘requirement’ for the right to practice. It is not just homoeopathy, it is every practice in alternative health care which is being absorbed for the ‘safety and welfare of the patient‘.

However, we at the I.H.M. draw a line in the sand when it comes to sharing a platform or an appeal to ‘authorities’ for the ‘right’ to practice if we have to join with those that lay claim to be ‘homoeopaths’ and are practicing falsely. We do not subscribe to political expediency in order to save our profession.

Let us put things in perspective.

  • MOST non medical registers of homoeopaths include the provision for ANY mode of therapy under the name homoeopathy  to be practiced. Most registers require an examination for a practitioner to be entered on it, and the examination requires a deep knowledge of the Sankaran Sensation method.
  • In the USA, a school has been established in Arizona that will allow a graduate to practice with the ability to practice as a ‘Homoeopath’ with all legal rights established. Unfortunately, the school is not teaching proper homoeopathy.

So what would we get if we supported the right to practice homoeopathy for lay practitioners? Does this mean we only support the right for Doctors to practice homoeopathy? Absolutely not. In our experience ANYONE practicing without proper knowledge or training is wasting the time of a patient and not doing the job the are paid for. However a person with a medical licence can do almost anything they want and not much can be done about it. As Hahnemann experienced during his lifetime, a lot of them did not learn properly.


We do not expect this Register to be a large one. It is aimed at the practitioner who practices accordng to the tenets of Hahnemanns Instructions. No Sankaran, No Scholten, No modern individual methodology or techniques that goes against the well documented and presented directions given by Hahnemann. But we do expect an applicant to practice according to the parameters of Homoeopathy as defined by Hahnemann.

We have set an initial application form at the top of the page. If you can answer YES to all the questions then please apply. It is our aim to collect together all those remaining homoeopaths in the West that practice REAL homoeopathy and give them a voice and representation where we can.