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What is “The Sankaran Sensation Method?” as defined by its advocates.

Deborah Olenev C.C.H., RSHom (NA)


The Sankaran Sensation Method

04 Feb 2010 |

There has been a wonderful revolution in homeopathic thought in the last two decades with many homeopaths the world over doing research to further our understanding of remedies, the natural world, and the application of these remedies to sick people in search of healing. Rajan Sankaran has been one of the foremost teachers in the evolution of homeopathic thought. My feeling is that the Sensation Method, which he developed over the last decade, and wrote about in his book called Sensations in Homeopathy, which was published in 2005, has done more to put homeopathic prescribing on a scientific and practical basis than any other homeopathic researcher.

The concepts behind the Sensation method are truly beautiful. Sankaran teaches that the task of the homeopathic prescriber is to do the following four things:

1) Determine whether the patient needs a remedy from the animal, plant, mineral, bacterial, fungal or viral kingdom.

2) Determine the miasm that the patient falls into. The word miasm is a broad word that describes the following things: the miasm is the pace of the illness; the intensity with which the patient feels his symptoms; the patient’s attitude toward his chief complaint; various genetic factors, and possibly even the illness itself, such as malaria and the malaria miasm.

3) Determine the potency that the patient needs by determining the depth of the illness and evaluating the patient’s vital force.

4) Determine the remedy for the patient, which should sit at the cross point between the kingdom and miasm. For example if it is determined that the patient needs a mineral remedy of the sycotic miasm, the homeopath will examine the mineral remedies, figure out which row and column from the periodic table of the elements most closely fits the patient’s symptoms, and also fits into the sycotic miasm. Then he or she will study the material medica of the remedies in the final elimination and choose one for the patient. In this example Silica would be a remedy that could be considered for this patient as it is a sycotic remedy and a third row mineral.

I am greatly indebted to Rajan Sankaran for developing this system as it has helped to improve my prescribing tremendously, and given me the confidence to tackle more challenging cases. Please let me know if you would like to make an appointment and experience the case taking process Sensation Method Style, and reap the rewards of a well-chosen remedy.

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The Sensation method. Sankaran

I have read the method in all the books published by Sankaran so far as also
attended his seminars. It is the very enchanting video presentations at the seminars
and the captivating material presented in his books that prompted me to use it
side by side with the age old traditional hahnemannian method for some time. I concluded
after thorough study that the theoretical basis on which this entire method is based
is flawed. But such is the orchestrated hype about this method in US and Europe that
it is hard to get anything published against this method and prove to be a useless exercise
that ends up in frustration.

Unfortunately we have not evolved benchmarks to judge any method being propagated
as homeopathy and as a first step we should do it.
The very basis on which Hahnemann founded homeopathy was his discovery :

1. that any medicinal substance is capable of inducing a field force to distort the vital
force of healthy human beings; the nature of distortion presents a recognizable field pattern
and it is as true as the law of gravity or any other natural laws.

2. that the same medicine is capable of nullifying any disease force that establishes
a similar distortion of vital force in a human being.

The SIMILARITY of the distorted picture or pattern of the vital force induced by the
medicinal substance in a healthy human being and that created by the natural disease
is essential for curative action to occur.

If Sankaran can prove that the vital sensation can be induced by a medicinal substance
in healthy human beings and then prove the correspondences of this artificially
induced vital sensation to the one present in the cured patient – then and then only it
qualifies to be a homeopathic method.

I hate to waste any more time discussing this method of madness, an aberration of an
otherwise super genius whose convoluted thinking process reflects of a major portion
of his brain cells gone awry….alas…