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For Our Spanish Colleagues.


September 3rd 2013

Google translate. My Spanish speaking colleagues in a different time zone are still in bed ūüôā

S√≥lo hay nueve lugares que quedan en el Seminario de Mallorca . En 4 semanas, el pasado 2013 I.H.M. Seminario se llevar√° a cabo . El Seminario se llevar√° a cabo en Ingl√©s con un traductor profesional impartir la informaci√≥n a los delegados espa√Īoles presentes .

El enfoque del seminario será en tomar el caso . No todos los estilos teórico o personal de la determinación de los síntomas, pero un examen detallado de la metodología Hahnemanns e instrucciones.

Una vez que esto se ha explorado , la atención se desplazará hacia la manera de examinar el caso , con la vista puesta en las observaciones Hahnemanns sobre Enfermedades Crónicas , y cómo esto afecta o no a la evaluación del estado del paciente, y luego pasar a la forma de obtener prescripción de los síntomas de la information.gathered . El Seminario se trasladará a la utilización de las ayudas repertorial para determinar cómo hacer coincidir la imagen de la enfermedad con un medicamento que es el más similar.

Habr√° un vistazo a la historia del desarrollo repertorial y una nitidez de enfoque en el Therapeutic Pocket ayuda Book.This de estudio Materia Medica es la metodolog√≠a m√°s cercano en la existencia de an√°lisis de casos utilizando Hahnemanns thinking.In este d√≠a y edad, hay un lamento general para que m√°s y m√°s sustancias que ” probarse” con el fin de hacer frente a la aparici√≥n de enfermedades y las enfermedades modernas . En las cl√≠nicas IHM y centros de investigaci√≥n , hemos encontrado que los medicamentos originales existentes ya poseen la similitud con las patolog√≠as modernas , pero no se conocen simplemente porque los profesionales modernos ya no leen las fuentes !

Este seminario es un llamado a la comunidad homeop√°tica para echar un vistazo largo y duro en la pr√°ctica original de la homeopat√≠a y ver que sus principios y , m√°s importante a√ļn, que su eficacia no se ha superado desde los primeros d√≠as de la utilizaci√≥n de los llamados , t√©cnicas mejoradas y “pensamiento moderno” .

El I.H.M. y P & W se enorgullece en anunciar todo el nuevo √ļnico programa inform√°tico ESPA√ĎOL para ser lanzado en el Seminario . Se incluir√° la √ļltima versi√≥n espa√Īola actualizada de la edici√≥n del libro de bolsillo terap√©utico , Materias M√©dicas y escritos de los maestros de P & W 2014 . Se actualizar√° de forma gratuita, m√°s obras est√°n traducidas en espa√Īol .

Para los asistentes del seminario , vamos a ofrecer el programa a un precio especial seminario. También habrá un sorteo gratis para los delegados para ganar un programa.

Latest news.

There are only Nine places left at the Mallorca Seminar. In 4 weeks the last 2013 I.H.M. Seminar will take place. The Seminar will be conducted in English with a professional translator imparting the information to the Spanish delegates present.

The focus of the seminar will be on case taking. Not any theoretical or personal style of ascertaining symptoms, but a detailed examination of Hahnemanns methodology and instructions.

Once this has been explored, the focus will shift towards HOW to examine the case, with an eye on Hahnemanns observations regarding Chronic Disease, and how that affects, or not, the assessment of the patient state, and then moving on to how to elicit prescribing symptoms from the information.gathered. The Seminar will move on to the use of repertorial aids for determining how to match the disease picture with a medicine that is the most similar.

There will be a look a the history of repertorial development, and a sharpening of focus on the Therapeutic Pocket Book.This aid to Materia Medica study is the closest methodology in existence for case analysis utilising Hahnemanns thinking. In this day and age, there is a general lament for more and more substances to be “proved” in order to tackle the onset of modern illnesses and diseases. In I.H.M clinics and research facilities, we have found that original existing medicines already possess the similarity to modern disease states, but are not known simply because modern practitioners no longer read the sources!

This seminar is a call to the homoeopathic community to take a long hard look at the original practice of homoeopathy and see that its principles and, more importantly, that its efficacy has never been surpassed since the early days by utilising so called, improved techniques and ‘modern thinking’.

The I.H.M. and P&W are proud to announce an all new SPANISH only computer program to be released at the Seminar. It will include the latest Spanish updated version of the P & W 2014 edition of the Therapeutic Pocket Book, Materia Medicas and writings of the masters. It will be updated free of charge as more works are translated in Spanish.

For attendees of the seminar, we will offer the program at a special seminar price. There will also be a free draw for delegates to win a program.


Final Mallorca Seminar for 2013

seminarhominfoThere are a couple of dates available for booking the room for a seminar in Mallorca. Due to the increase in V.A.T. being imposed on Spain, the room rates have increased a lot. It is preferable to book the room for the comfort of the number of attendees rather than book a too large room for huge extra cost.

A two day seminar will cost between £350-£400 . This will include break refreshments and snacks. There will need to be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 attendees.

The dates available are: September 28/29th. October 5/6th or October 12/13th. Please check your calendars and respond to the email address at the top of the page with the date that suits you. I have checked flight availability and hotel rates and the most reasonable appears to be October 5/6th. I will however see which date suits most people.

First of all, a flight and a weeks stay in Mallorca will cost from a very reasonable £200. I recommend for good service and prices. I can suggest hotels that I am familiar with once a date and  area is decided on for holding the venue. I have always recommended for those attending a seminar to arrive on the Thursday before the weekend, get relaxed, come to the Seminar and work hard, then have a few days off before returning home on the Thursday. It will be a little cooler in October, yet still pleasant and generally comfortable weather. Some attendees have even brought their spouses and children and had a holiday.

For those that request a private consultation, I am available after the seminar. If anyone attending wants to be involved in a Seminar live case taking session in front of attendees, the consultation will be free. (Follow ups will be via SKYPE or landline telephone for a follow up fee).

We request a  deposit of £100 when you book your place. The balance to be paid 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the Seminar. We invoice through PAYPAL. We would also suggest that once committed, you book your flight and accommodation to ensure transport to the Island. ask for a deposit and the balance paid 4-6 weeks prior to flying. Most companies do this now.

You can bring whatever repertory you are comfortable with. I will be demonstrating via Powerpoint and computer projection, the strengths of Hahnemanns method and how to use the repertory. If you are bringing a laptop, do not forget that Spain requires an adaptor for the power plug.

Attendees will also be offered a special Seminar price on Repertory Software.

Any questions please email us on

Treating Genital Herpes.

For a homoeopathic physician, this is a fairly routine complaint that will come up in a busy clinic. The disease is so endemic in the western world that, Im surprised when a month goes by and I havent seen a case.

Firstly, I want to address the disease process, or miasms as Hahnemann called them, and put them in perspective using his model which follows the modern approach to disease in use today. Hahnemann classified disease and/or infection into 3 named divisions. There is Psora, containing a host of disorders, and then there is Sycosis and Syphilis, acquired and formed by venereal infection. So in Hahnemanns model, Sycosis and Syphilis are the entire disorders of a venereal nature. All other disorders are not, ie Psora.

This simplistic explanation, not taking into account mixed miasms etc, is the basis of my approach to dealing with patient ailments when faced with any acquired STD. I treat the infection totally for what it is and bear in mind that it is a singular disease of a venereal infection, and thus has to be isolated in terms of other symptoms and dealt with within the confines of an STD. I try not to confuse the symptoms of an STD with any others, but ALWAYS take into consideration a totality of the presenting problem.

Here is an example out of my clinic.

Female patient in 40s. Had been under treatment for various health issues for which Lycopodium had proven its worth over a 18 month period, exceptionally so.

I was contacted recently that a recurrence of genital herpes was in evidence. The herpes was contracted in her early twenties and had been treated with Valtrex about 10 years ago and there had been no outbreaks of herpes since. In looking at the case and noting that the patient had suffered on and off with respiratory disorders and lots of influenza and not feeling well, which Lycopodium cleared up very quickly and effectively, I surmised that her body had been treated effectively through the existing layers of ill health, and now, the herpes virus was the top most layer, perhaps even the causation (or the suppression of the herpes) of her poor immune response to influenza and recent ailments.

How do you treat herpes? What can realistically be done to prevent re infection and outbreaks? First, and logically, there cannot be any suppression of the expression or of the symptoms. It has to be treated homoeopathically, to support the body and organism to clear itself of the virus. It is not going to happen overnight, and it not going to happen in one outbreak. However it will happen, and it can be eradicated if treated correctly.

First, a physician has to note the symptoms of the expression carefully, VERY carefully.

This was the case as presented to me.

Sx began with a sensation of dryness, with heat in the Labia
small white sores, like pimples on the clitoris.
Swelling of the clitoris and labia.
 Sores grew larger over 3 days, like blisters, irritating/itching. Worse for scratching, itched more.
Red ‘cuts’ appeared on 3rd day on perineum, no blistering. Urination causes stinging on them.
A discharge started on the 4th day, milky white.
All symptoms are worse for moisture. Used blow dryer on cool, after shower, to dry the area completely.
There is a sensation of pins and needles in the genital area.
So this is the case. I examined the symptoms and looked for what is common in Herpes Genitalis, and what symptoms the patient was expressing that individualised her disease state.
As a physician, it cannot be stressed enough that knowledge of the Materia Medica is important. ACCURATE knowledge, and for this reason I highly recommend the works of Samuel Hahnemann, especially the “Chronic diseases” and the ‘Materia Medica Pura”.
In my practice, I use solely the SYNOPSIS P & W therapeutic pocket book edition of the guide to the materia medica by Boenninghausen. This masterpiece is based on the original provings of the Materia Medica and is arranged in such a way that if the choice of rubrics are correct, then, the suggested remedies to review are also the closest match possible.
Firstly, you will notice that I have not taken into account, ANY other symptoms other than the symptoms of the presenting disorder.
§ 6 Fifth Edition
The unprejudiced observer – well aware of the futility of transcendental speculations which can receive no confirmation from experience – be his powers of penetration ever so great, takes note of nothing in every individual disease, except the changes in the health of the body and of the mind (morbid phenomena, accidents, symptoms) which can be perceived externally by means of the senses; that is to say, he notices only the deviations from the former healthy state of the now diseased individual, which are felt by the patient himself, remarked by those around him and observed by the physician. All these perceptible signs represent the disease in its whole extent, that is, together they form the true and only conceivable portrait of the disease.
As this was the sole picture of her deviation from health, it is from within these symptoms that I looked for her remedy similarity.
The most striking thing for me, was the necessity to have the area dry. Completely clear of all moisture, even her own natural moisture.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
In looking at the repertory, There is this rubric,
and whilst it covers the main symptom, I felt that the need to dry off completely, needed exploring. I was informed that the itching and uncomfortable feeling was also worse in morning, and needed washing, which made me suspect her own lubrication was aggravating the condition.
Because of this, I took the rubric:
Which, because I know each of the 5 remedies in it very well, I was already in possession of the knowledge that one of them was the correct one. I just didnt know which one yet.
So looking further..I took the other symptoms in the case to examine in detail.
It was then a matter of sitting down and reading the essential development and symptoms of both medicines to see which to prescribe.
I rarely use more than 3 rubrics, to either make a complete symptom or… I use 3 symptoms in rubrics for a case. For example, in this case I actually only considered 2 rubrics, (but filled it out for an example). The two rubrics I used were:
As you can see, no other remedies had these 2 present. On that basis, I could go ahead and choose the remedy.
In reading the remedies, I chose Sepia for prescribing. The patient only had sepia 200c available, I usually go with 50 millesimal potencies, but had her make the remedy up into a liquid and take one dose a day. Within 2 days the itching and need for continual washing clean had diminished, and I fully expect the flare up to resolve within the week. I will keep the patient on Sepia even when the symptoms have gone, and evaluate further at that time.
Homoeopathy is a medical treatment. That is why accurate knowledge is important, and why our profession is being diluted by the advent of the sensation method and poor training. It is only by homoeopaths returning to the tried and tested methods as used by Hahnemann, will we stand a chance of regaining credence in the eyes of the world.
The SYNOPSIS program with 17 repertories and 300 Materia Medicas and texts is available on special offer from with a $100 dollar discount until December 24th 2012.

P & W SYNOPSIS 2012 Special offer

Special News.

From now until December 24th 2012, HomoeopathyInfo is offering the P&W Repertory program SYNOPSIS at the special price of $699! The program is one of the easiest to use and yet contains the most powerful useful features available.

With this program, it is possible to search in ALL contained repertories at the same time to elicit a single symptom if required. The same powerful search capabilities are available to find a symptom in over 300 Materia Medicas and texts!

The SYNOPSIS program also contains the completely updated and revised Boenninghausen Therapeutic pocket Book as researched and corrected from the original 1846 edition by Polony and Weaver. The work has been kept in the original layout to facilitate an easy transfer to the information for users of Allens work. Each rubric has been meticulously cross referenced with similar rubrics containing the same remedies and grades so as to not input the same symptom twice. For those that use the Therapeutic pocket book, they will attest to the accuracy of the remedy indication in as few as 3 absolute symptom selections that cover the case.

The Therapeutic Pocket Book by Polony and Weaver incorporated in the SYNOPSIS, is released in each program in Spanish, English, German and Hebrew. All translations have been made in house by P&W Associates to ensure accuracy.

Along with this, The Operating system of the P&W can be switched between Spanish, English, German and Hebrew!

The program can be used with the Dongle on both Windows AND Mac machines!

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