Homoeopathy Diploma Course.

The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine founded in 1986, is a research Organisation that specialises in the writings and practice of Samuel Hahnemann. We have taught in India, Australia, the USA, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Hong Kong and Thailand.  Our Latin branch teaches online in Mexico.



Training Course for Homoeopathic Medicine. PART 1 of 2. Foundational teaching part.

In a 12 month period, we estimate about 20-30 hours per month for home study. On-line time will be weekly with specific subjects covered in a group setting with Qand A’s and individual mentoring as required.

The IHM utilises the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen as its main reference repertory.

We have compiled all the information you require to learn the practice of Homoeopathy. The subjects have been arranged to be taught online in 1-3 hour blocks depending on the material to be discussed.



1. Introduction to Homoeopathy.

2..Overview of the Organon.

    2/.1 Changes and development of the Organon, from version 1 to version 6.

3. The principles of treatment according to Samuel Hahnemann.

    3.1 Understanding the life Principle.

    3.2 What needs treating.

4. Health and Disease.

5. Differentiation of Personality and disease symptoms.

6. Miasms and how it relates to modern medical understanding. A look at the book “Chronic Diseases”.

7. A look at homoeopathic writers from J.T. Kent on and discussion of their differences to Hahnemann.


6. How to study a remedy.


    6.1 Provings.

    6.2 Remedy sources.

    6.3 How they are made.

7. Potencies and potency scales including the LM/Q scale. Full discussion.

8. Expected outcome of a prescription.

10. How to manage remedy prescriptions.


11. Home study of 123 medicines.


12 Many cases presented showing:

   12.1 how to take the case,

   12.2 how to decide on prescription

   12.3 potency

   12.4 management.

At the end of part 1, you should have a working knowledge of the history and development of Homoeopathic medicine, based on accurate information, and be able to know the process of obtaining information for collating a health/sickness differentiation for making a homoeopathic prescription.

Training Course for Homoeopathic Medicine. PART 2 of 2. Practical training.

Completion of this part will give a licentiate to practice under the Diploma of the I.H.M. We prefer for the student to attend our HQ in Eastbourne UK for this. We have guest rooms available with showers and toilets. The course duration is 4 days. However, this will not always be possible for overseas students. We will look at each student and determine what is required on an individual basis.