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Is an allopathic qualification essential for being a good homoeopathic practitioner?


I.H.M. Office: Antonio Gil Ortega. Calle Guadeloupe 5, 1B. 41003. Sevilla. Telephone: 619 956365. E-mail: education@instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.com Website:https://instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.wordpress.com

Dear Colleagues.

Is an allopathic qualification essential to being a good homoeopathic practitioner?

After much discussion ~ and based on the reality that most allopathically trained physicians do NOT have a good grasp on the Hahnemannian practice of homoeopathy, we at the IHM have concluded that it is not, and moreover, that bridging the gap between medical and non-medical homoeopaths is an integral part of the therapy’s future.

To this end, we have decided on the following:

  • We aim to strengthen the IHM’s presence worldwide, and especially in Spain where its headquarters are located, by continuing as an independent homoeopathic research and teaching association offering international seminars, practitioner training and master classes. We have presented Seminars since 1987 and formed 5 teaching colleges.
  • To offer IHM membership to medical and non-medical practitioners, according to IHM’s membership requirements, which will endorse a practitioner as a well trained specialist in homoeopathic medicine regardless of allopathic qualifications. We teach the therapy as per the Organon and do not overlay the writings of Kent or any modern thinking regarding what homoeopathy is.

The IHM Association will comprise of

  • Support members. (Non practitioners.)
  • Student Homoeopaths
  • I.H.M licentiate Homoeopaths (medical and non medical)

Only Licentiate Practitioners, those who have trained with the IHM and have passed the requisite entry requirements for endorsement, will be promoted on the IHM’s official register: http://ihmstaff.boards.net/board/5/licentiate-practitioners

 What we offer:

Based on the writings and thoughts of Samuel Hahnemann,

 “…I have decided to open here in Leipsic, at the beginning of April, an Institute for Graduated Physicians. In this Institute I shall elucidate in every respect the entire homoeopathic system of healing as taught in the “Organon,” and shall make a practical application of it with patients treated in their presence, and thus place my pupils in a condition to be able to practise this system in all cases themselves. A six months’ course will be sufficient to enable any intelligent mind to grasp the principles of this most helpful science of healing. More detailed conditions will be sent on receipt of a prepaid envelope. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.Leipsic. 4th December, 1811.”

P1060304We took a look at the procedure to train persons to become a homoeopathic physician. Knowing that most people cannot take a 6 months sabbatical (as per Hahnemanns proposal) we have devised a method of seminar attendance and home study that spans one year. This will include:

Details pertaining to the professional one year training course. Leading to Licenciateship with the IHM

  • An initial 5 day intensive training session at our Seville Spain faculty. This training will be individualised for new students and practicing consultants.
  • A further period of guided home study for several months will follow. There will be Tutor involvement and online meetings. A Final day 5 training session in our Seville faculty with emphasis on case management will conclude the training and lead to registration with the I.H.M. as a licentiate if all requirements are fulfilled.

For Practising consultants:

If in the opinion of the training officers, if is thought that a practitioner is of sufficient knowledge and expertise and practices according to Hahnemanns methods, the IHM will consider awarding a licentiateship after the Primary intensive course.

What we cover in the 5 day intensive.

  •  A thorough grounding in Hahnemanns methodology and teachings.
  • You will see through case analysis how his method of understanding the disease state is superior to any other and allows for an accurate case management program.
  • You will see what a ‘miasm’ is and how to take it into account if required.
  • You will learn LM or Q potencies and how to use them.
  • You will learn rubric understanding of the Therapeutic Pocket Book and see its superiority in case analysis.
  • You will have more success in your practice utilizing Hahnemanns directions.

The languages used for teaching are English or Spanish.

(For those in South America, we also have a IHM teaching course in operation: https://institutodemedicinahomoeopaticaamericalatina.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/curso-de-capacitacion-homeopatica-para-principiantes-online-o-semipresencial/

For those in Asia, we have a course for beginners based in Hong kong. http://homeopathyhk.academy/

For those in Israel we have practitioner training.

Contact vera.homeopath@gmail . com

We will consider traveling to a location and conducting the teaching on site for 6 or more students for the 5 day intensive. Contact us to discuss.

We also conduct 2 day seminars in Spain. Contact us to discuss.

laptop2The IHM uses primary source materials for all of its teachings. Gary Weaver and Vladimir Polony compiled the SYNOPSIS computer program and spent 3 years working on updating the 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen, to correct errors of insertion, gradings and removing the incorrect additions by Allen. P & W also clarified the outdated English language and revised the terminology yet remained true to the original meaning. The repertory has been translated from the original German (included in the program) to English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. More languages will be added as and when.



The officers of the IHM are also the teachers.

manuelManuel Gutiérrez Ontiveros
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla, año 1983
Formación en Homeopatía
Estudios en Homeopatía de México
Máster en Homeoptía por la Universidad de Sevilla
Cursos de especialización en Homeopatía con diversos profesores internacionales
Ejercicio en Homeopatía desde el año 1983
Consulta: Barriada los Príncipes Parcela 7 Bloque 8, Sevilla
Tlf 606 207 345
antonioAntonio Gil Ortega
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1982
Formacion en Homeopatia en Mexico D.F. en 1984-85 por el IMHAC
Formación continuada en Homeopatia por diferentes Profesores Internacionales reconocidos.
Acreditación en Medicina Homeopatica por el Real e Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Sevilla
Ejercicio Clínico-Homeopatico desde 1983
Consulta: C/ Guadalupe, 5, 1ºB, Sevilla
Tfno.: 619956365

isidre-1Isidre Lara i Llobet

Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona en 1980.

Formación en Homeopatía con Homoeopathia Europea con Jacques Imberechts desde 1978, y en cursos de la escuela argentina (Tomás Pablo Paschero, Eugenio Candebabe, …) y mexicana (Proceso Sánchez Ortega). Formación en el método de Alfonso Masi Elizalde en San Sebastián, 1987-1992.
Práctica clínica de medicina homeopática desde 1980; en Palma de Mallorca desde 1984.
Centre de Medicina Homeopàtica de Mallorca. Av. Joan March, nº 8, 5-1. Palma de Mallorca –España.
Tlf.: +34 971 20 65 66 /  658 810 910
Email: islara@homeopatiamallorca.com

Ed Nunnery
Dhom med (Lic) IHM Licencia de Homeopatia Institute for Homoeopathic Medicina U.S.A. 2010.
Degree in Art.
Degree in Music Theory.
Studied Homoeopathy in the Vithoulkas method 1988.
Studied and practiced the Andre Saine method for 8 years.
Trained with the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine for 4 years.
Semi retired private Practice in Pasadena California. Works for the I.H.M. Administration.

verapicwordpressVera Resnick. Dhom med (Lic) IHM.
BA International Relations, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1986
Qualified from Madicin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Homoeopathy) in 2004
Post Graduate studies with David Little 2004-2006
Advanced Clinical Studies with the IHM 2010-
Clinic: 43 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Israel
email: vera.homeopath@gmail.com
phone: 972-54-4640736
SKYPE available.

English and Hebrew speaker.


garywDr. Gary Weaver D.O. rM.D., Dhommed I.H.M., H.A.Delhi., M.C.C.H (England), H.B.C.C. (India)., Dgrad H.I.Sydney.Dr. Weaver began his studies in Homoeopathy in 1979 training in England and India. In 1987 he became the co-founder of the Manchester College of Classical Homoeopathy and in 1989 founded the Leeds College of Classical Homoeopathy. In 1990 he founded the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine in Dublin Ireland. In 1990 he opened the Kuopio Homoeopathic Education and Research Association in Finland. From 2003-2007 he conducted research into the original repertory of Boenninhausen, and is co- director of OpenRep SYNOPSIS the specialist Boenninghausen software.  Gary Weaver has presented seminars in Australia, India, Finland Spain and England.

Consulta: Barriada los Príncipes Parcela 7 Bloque 8, Sevilla. English only but have Spanish translator.  gary@garyweaver.org.

Guillermo Zamora.
Médico Cirujano UAG., Dhom med (Lic) IHM
Clinic: Pino Suarez 464 ext. 2 Zamora Michoacán, México
Skype: dr.guillermo.zamora
E-mail: homeopathy5@hotmail.com
Cel: 351-134-7331
Spanish and English spoken

Israel Workshop. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 28TH 2013

A workshop for professionals:

Case-Taking and Symptom Choice – The Finer Points

Lecturer: Vera Resnick

4-hour intensive workshop on case-taking and symptom choice for increased precision and accuracy.  Spaces limited.

The workshop covers:
* Relevant aphorisms from the Organon
* Focused case-taking
* Symptom classification and prioritization
* Boenninghausen’s techniques
* Provings orientation
* How to use mind symptoms
* Practical Work on cases
* and more

Cases will be demonstrated using the P&W Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook software, but the techniques learned can be applied with other repertories.

TIME:  13:00 – 17:30

COST:  NIS 450 (payment before 20th February); NIS 490 (payment after 20th February).  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card

If you wish to register, please write to vera.homeopath@gmail.com to reserve your place.  Call 054-4640736 if you do not receive a reply and registration information within 24 hours.

Special Discounts for participants:
– Special Discounts on the P&W Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook (valid till 31st March 2013)
– Special Discounts on future workshops



Hebrew Blog Video


האתר החדש של “אופנרפ סינופסיס” – בעברית

גירסת “פ & וו” 2012 החדשה של תוכנת ספר הכיס התרפאוטי מאת בונינגהאוזן הכוללת ממשק מלא בעברית ניתנת לרכישה מ-16 לאפריל מאת

Hebrew Blog

The new 2012 Edition of the P & W Therapeutic Pocket Book in the OpenRep SYNOPSIS, also with the operating interface in Hebrew. Available from April 16th from http://homeopathyonline.org/Bloghebrew.

(Click on picture to enlarge)




New release of P & W SYNOPSIS imminent

P & W are pleased to announce the release of the 2012 edition of OpenRep Synopsis. (Mid April)

The changes that have been implemented are as follows. The software engine that drives the program has been radically streamlined and updated so as to take full advantage of the new hardware on the market. We have striven to keep the basic program in as small a shell as possible, and maximize speed and accuracy. With over 300 Materia Medicas and books, and 18 Repertory’s, the zip download file is only 221 meg! About 650 meg unpacked.

The program look has undergone a discrete makeover, with a fresher look and more intuitive icons. Vladimir has been busy making changes internally to the way the program interacts, and this has enabled us to pursue an idea for a “specialist” application which, if the trialing is successful, we will discuss later in the year.

MAC users have had the engine overhauled so that the latest revisions enable a smoother flow.

It is no secret that the repertory of choice for anyone that works with P & W is the Therapeutic Pocket Book. Research, experience and clinical success is the hallmark of the Hahnemann approved work. Many people ask if the 125 medicine inclusion is too small for clinic in this day and age. It was not too small for Boenninghausen or Hahnemann, and the conclusion drawn from using this repertory almost exclusively for the last 20 years is that it has allowed the full scope and action of each medicine to be seen. Each prescription allows a practitioner to REALLY understand the medicine as per the provings and not with the slant given in popular, but erroneous teachings today.

We at P & W, have spent 5 years collectively working on and with the Boenninghausen method. It has reshaped the way we look at disease and has made us more aware of the precision of Hahnemanns insight and comprehension of what needs to be treated.

The P & W Repertory of the 1846 Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book, has undergone a rubric by rubric revision pertaining to the English translation. This has resulted in a few more linked rubrics, where the meaning is the same, and about 10 rubrics being reworded slightly so as to give a more precise comprehension of Boenninghausens intent in the choice of his words.

We have worked on the Kent Repertory, to match it more closely to the Final General Repertory.

We added 2 new Repertories, one of which we are excited about and that is the TPB released in Hebrew along with the language interface. This is the first Repertory COMPLETELY translated into Hebrew, and we know it will be very useful for the practitioners over in Israel.  It was carefully translated by the P & W translation team, (the Hebrew language team member was Vera Resnick I.H.M. Dhom med.) from the P and W English version, rubric by rubric and placed into the same numbered rubric order, so that each rubric can be matched to the original German, English and Spanish versions we include in every package.

The Complete SYNOPSIS program and the Hebrew TPB is available through our Israeli office exclusively, and the email for the sole representative is vera.homeopath@gmail.com

The P&W Israeli web site will be opened in the next few days for all Hebrew purchases of the program and for Hebrew questions and answers. Vera Resnick will be the sole sales agent for the Hebrew version in the meantime. Please write her with your questions.